Why I Am A Pro-Life Democrat

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More often than not, the pro-life movement is associated with old white Republican men who, according to abortion-choice advocates, are the least qualified to discuss or hold opinions on abortion.

Being a Democrat myself, I felt the need to side with the abortion-choice movement. However, I eventually realized I could not stand by something I did not agree with. This being said, here are reasons why I, a Democrat, am pro-life:

The Pro-Life Movement Does More For Women

Despite the common notion of the movement being inherently anti-feminist, it collectively does more for the woman. For instance, Care Net offers free pregnancy testing, free STI testing, ultrasound services, counseling, support groups, housing assistance, and maternal assistance. Their goal is to show women they indeed have a choice, and it does not have to include abortion.

The abortion-choice movement, on the other hand, is only concerned with “bodily autonomy” and keeping abortion legal. However, little is discussed regarding the possibility of emotional trauma, potential guilt, and regret post-abortion. In fact, according to Planned Parenthood, “Serious, long-term emotional problems after an abortion are rare,” but the Health Research Funding Organization states that two in three women who have a late abortion (after 12 weeks) suffer from the clinical definition of PTSD, and teenaged girls who have had abortions are ten times more likely to attempt suicide than those who have not.

Abortion clinics are often dishonest about what the process actually entails. According to the National Pregnancy Center, surgical abortions include either aspiration (suctioning of fetus and placenta at 6-16 weeks), Dilation & Evacuation (scraping off the lining in the cervix and suctioning of the fetus 16+ weeks), and Dilation & Extraction (literally tearing the baby apart and removing the limbs before suctioning and crushing the skull; this is done at 21+ weeks).

The procedures take at most 30 minutes, but recovery can a lifetime. Side effects aside from emotional pain include cramps, bleeding, and much more. Planned Parenthood, however, lightly describes clinic abortions as “gentle suction to remove the pregnancy from your uterus.” As a feminist, I want to align myself with integrity rather than an agenda-based movement.

I Value All Life

This includes the lives of POC, LGBTQ+ individuals, those who are impoverished, the disabled, and children born or preborn. This is a fairly logical stance; anyone who believes in equality should advocate for both, rather than one or the other. The abortion-choice movement, however, does not encourage equality, as it condones sex-selective abortions and aborting those with Down syndrome or other disabilities which do not severely hinder quality of life for the baby.

The Pro-Life Movement Is Not Anti-Choice

I believe abortions would not be needed in any sense if laws such as paid paternity/maternity leave, universal healthcare (including birth control, which is not only used for sexual reasons), requiring sex-education in classes, and reformed foster care and adoption laws were put in place. Obviously, the banning of abortion alone is not going to solve anything; however, rebuilding the way society treats sex and parenthood certainly will.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.

Why I Am A Pro-Life Democrat
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