In post-Roe America, many people have panicked over the idea of women not receiving life-saving medical care with the ban or restrictions on abortion in many states. One hot topic is ectopic pregnancy removal. Will women still receive this necessary treatment to save their lives? Will pro-life states force women to die in response to their bans on abortion? The answer is simple. In every single state, women will have access to the life-saving treatment they deserve for their ectopic pregnancies. But why all the confusion? Why all the uncertainty and complications around this topic? Because in post-Roe America, many people don’t understand the very clear difference between abortion and ectopic pregnancy removal. So let’s understand why these two procedures are different and why women will never be denied this very important care. 

Let’s start by defining the two terms so we can understand how they are different. According to the Mayo Clinic, “An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants and grows outside the main cavity of the uterus.” In layman’s terms, an ectopic pregnancy is when the baby implants outside of the uterus. Meanwhile, abortion is defined as “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy” by Oxford Languages. Simply put, an abortion ends the life of the child in the womb. 

So how are they different? Well for one, abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. The only intention of an abortion, is to end a pregnancy which ends a human life. Ectopic pregnancy removal on the other hand, does not intentionally kill a baby. Abortion uses violence to destroy a human life. A baby in the womb is either starved, ripped apart, or sent into cardiac arrest when they are aborted. Their life is intentionally ended in a gruesome way. While babies do die as a result of ectopic pregnancy removals, their death is not intentional. The goal of an ectopic pregnancy removal is to save the life of the mother, not to kill a baby. Unfortunately, babies cannot survive the removal but they also will not survive staying where they are. The only place a baby can grow and receive the proper nutrients he or she needs is inside their mother’s uterus. When a baby implants outside the uterus, they are unlikely to survive, though in some very rare cases they do. In many cases, when they go to remove the ectopic pregnancy, the baby has sadly already passed. But they are not violently torn apart, they are simply removed and unable to survive. To sum it up, an abortions violently ends the life of the child on purpose, while an ectopic pregnancy removal saves the life of the mother and unfortunately, a child most often has already died or dies in the process. 

We never have the right to intentionally end the life of another human being. From the moment of conception, a distinct human being has been created. It is never okay to deliberately end that life. In any medical situation, mother and child should be treated as equal patients, both receiving the very best care. They can’t always both survive, but that doesn’t mean we kill one on purpose. 

In the United States, every single state has an exception for ectopic pregnancy treatment or separates it in medical terms. A woman has the full right in all fifty states to obtain treatment for this very serious situation that can claim her and her child’s life if not cared for. We should offer women support and comfort as they mourn the loss of their baby instead of fighting for the right to intentionally kill their children in the womb. Children don’t deserve to lose their life to abortion and women deserve real solutions to their unplanned pregnancies. Women deserve better than abortion. 

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