Thursday, March 28, 2019 marked the 24th time in the past two months that Democrats have blocked a bill in the House that would criminalize infanticide of newborn babies that were born alive after failed abortions. Democrats blocked such protection not only 24 times in the House but also twice in the Senate!

Ever since the first defeat of the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, I have been asking myself “Why are Democrats so obsessed with infanticide?” I understand (but do not agree with) why Democrats support abortion, but this is something entirely different.

This is an issue that House Minority Whip Steve Scalise says, “shouldn’t even be part of the abortion debate.”  He went on to say that “this should be a protection that’s guaranteed everybody in America – if you’re born alive, nobody can take that life.” House Republicans are going to give the Democrats until April 2nd to allow a vote on the bill, and if they don’t, both Scalise and Representative Ann Wagner plan to move forward with a discharge petition. This petition would allow the bill to move out of committee and onto the House floor for a vote.

As previously reported, this bill would simply criminalize doctors’  refusal to give medical care to newborn children who happen to survive abortion attempts. People like Gianna Jessen, Melissa Ohden, Claire Culwell, Josiah Presley, and Nik Hoot are just a few of the thousands of survivors. Not all are as lucky as they were though. The practice of “snipping” newborn babies’ necks that survived abortions was routine for infamous abortionist, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who supposedly killed hundreds of newborns. Texas abortionist Dr. Douglas Karpen, who is currently being investigated for his three decades of medical negligence and abuse, is estimated to have killed 1,200 newborn babies in a span of two years that survived abortions. Live Action has also documented a New York facility that claims they will put abortion survivors in a jar of solution to drown them. There are reports of 66 newborn abortion survivors who were left to die in the United Kingdom in just one year along with an average of 49 babies who survived abortions left to die in Canada each year.

Needless to say, babies surviving abortions is not as uncommon as most think, despite Planned Parenthood’s denial of the children’s existence.  As with abortion, infanticide is often referred to in deceptively less menacing terms in order to hide what it really is.

Anja Baker, a contributing fellow with the Mississippi Center for Public Policy summed it up by saying, “Dressing up infanticide with political buzzwords and phrases doesn’t change what it is—a doctor’s approval and aid in facilitating the death of a newborn child.”

Why Support Infanticide?

As I stated at the beginning, the question of “Why?” has repeatedly been on my mind. What sane person could possibly support or vote for such an inhumane act to be committed? The Democrats claim to be champions of the underdogs and downtrodden in society, so how could they support killing a newborn baby that is breathing and crying on a table?

Former Cold-Case Homicide Detective and author J. Warner Wallace says that motives of sex, greed, or power “lie at the heart of every conceivable crime or misdeed.”

I think the misdeeds of the Democrats supporting infanticide can be found in two of those motives: greed and power.

Recent reports have revealed that every single Democrat that voted in favor of infanticide was “on the payroll” of Planned Parenthood. Or to put it in political jargon, “Planned Parenthood made contributions to their campaigns.”

According to, conservative news outlet The Daily Caller “compared the roll call vote to records held by the Federal Election Commission. For each of the 42 Democrats who voted against the Born Alive bill, all received contributions from Planned Parenthood during their last election cycle.”

The money given to the candidates gives them power and increases their funds to push their politics. It also might help them move into bigger roles. For example, all of the Democrat senators who have expressed interest in running for president in the next election voted against the bill to provide medical for babies born alive. These politicians’ lust for power and money is what drove them to abandon all sense of morality and vote against this humane legislation.

We know from Planned Parenthood’s press release that they were against the bill to protect the newborns.

In a press release, they claim that the bill “would have singled out physicians who perform abortions and potentially expose them to harsh criminal penalties based on lies and misinformation.” Planned Parenthood’s president, Dr. Leana Wen called the bill “a direct attack on women’s health and rights.” She then repeatedly said the fact that children survive abortions is “not based in science or medicine.”

Wen tweeted, “we will always fight lies and misinformation designed to restrict patients’ health and rights, including the right to safe, legal abortion.”

In a letter to the Wall Street Journal, Wen flatly denied the existence of infanticide and abortion survivors. “There is no such thing as infanticide in medical care,” Wen explained, “I can tell you, as a doctor, that it doesn’t happen.”

These claims, as we have seen, are completely false and go against all evidence.

One thing I noticed was that Planned Parenthood’s statements seem to be self-defeating. If we grant, for the sake of the argument, that Wen is correct in saying infanticide doesn’t happen, how then can a bill that aims to make it a crime to commit infanticide be dangerous and restrictive to healthcare? If infanticide does not exist, then logically, no doctors would have to worry about legislation criminalizing it, and thus, there would be no reason for Democrats to oppose such a bill.

In her tweets and in her statements in the press release, Wen refuses to give any type of evidence to back up her accusations of “lies” and “misinformation.” It is also interesting to note that not once in the press release are abortion survivors or even the name of the bill mentioned. It’s as if they want to avoid addressing the reality that it is possible for a child to survive one of their violent procedures.

Personally, I find it odd that Planned Parenthood is even weighing in on this issue. It is no longer an issue that involves women’s health, like they say abortion does. This bill has nothing to do with “reproductive rights,” “abortion rights,” or even “a woman’s right to choose.” This bill is about a child that has been delivered, lying on a table crying and breathing and in need of life saving medical attention. This bill would make it a crime for doctors to just leave it there or to kill it outright. The very fact that Planned Parenthood is interjecting false information in attempt to discredit a life-saving bill is quite alarming. It raises the question how often that murderous atrocity actually happens at Planned Parenthood facilities, and how much criminal conduct Planned Parenthood covers up.

One good outcome from this controversy is that it is publicly disproving the common and outrageous accusation that “pro-lifers only care about a child until it’s born.”

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Nick is a former pro-life campus leader with a passion for truth. Influenced by his faith, science, and human rights advocates of the past, he speaks out as a voice for the voiceless.

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