As Abby Johnson’s story is told through the release of the movie Unplanned, many viewers might leave the theater feeling inspired at the change of heart Abby experienced and want to contribute to continuing that change. Here are 7 actions you can take after leaving the movie:

  1. Share your experience and review it on social media. The more the movie is talked about, the more people will see it, and this will spread awareness. After all, the more people who see it, the more minds and hearts will be changed.
  2. Volunteer at a local pro-life pregnancy center. Crisis pregnancy centers are always looking for volunteers, even if you can only go once every two weeks or a month, they will be grateful for your help. You may even get a chance to work directly with abortion-vulnerable women and save lives through counseling.
  3. Wear a pro-life shirt or hat. Seventy-eight percent of post-abortive women said if even just a single person had offered support or if they had seen a supportive sign, they would have chose life.
  4. Offer to drive a pregnant woman to her doctor appointments, or to pick up any vitamins and prescriptions. Lending a helpful hand will help the mother to feel less overwhelmed and stressed.
  5. Donate to charities. Organizations such as Embrace Grace, reLOVE, shelters, or pregnancy centers helping women faced with a crisis pregnancy. If you cannot donate financially, volunteer to help with fundraising.
  6. Educate the opposition. Our goal at Human Defense Initiative (HDI) is to spread the truth to change minds and save lives through news, commentary and digital outreach. HDI is a completely digital-based group which allows for members worldwide to join without being hindered by geographical boundaries. Volunteering for HDI is also something that can be done at your own pace. After all, since it is online, the organization “is always open.” If you want to help spread the truth about abortion through writing, editing, graphic design, or social media sign up on our get volunteer tab or reach out to
  7. Pray. Pray abortion workers change their ways and value life, for abortion-vulnerable women, and the end of abortion. Pray outside of abortion facilities, with church groups, or even at home. Prayer is vital to the movement. In fact, according to the Unplanned movie, abortion workers are statistically more likely to quit when they see sidewalk counselors praying outside.

Abby Johnson’s story was powerful and inspiring, but it should not end when the film screen goes dark. We need to take action and make our voices heard because we are speaking for those without one. We will be the generation that will end abortion, but we have to take the first step!

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