Us The Duo Welcomes Baby They Dedicated A Song To On AGT Season 13

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On last season of America’s Got Talent, a singing duo did something that has never been done on the show before. They used their quarterfinals performance to sing an ode to their preborn daughter.

America’s Got Talent is an amazing journey for any contestant but the singing group called “Us the Duo” which consists of husband and wife Michael and Carissa Alvarado were also experiencing a completely different journey while they were on the show. As was announced on America’s Got Talent at the time, while competing “Us the Duo” were expecting their first child.

In fact, the duo even wrote a song to their preborn daughter and performed it in front of millions nationwide and gave us an inside look at their baby journey by welcoming the show to film one of their ultrasound appointments.

“Hearing the heartbeat for the first time, oh my gosh, as musician’s we get to hear so many beautiful sounds but by far that is my favorite sound that I’ve ever heard,” Carissa Alvarado gushed as she and her husband shed happy tears during an ultrasound appointment that aired before their stage performance.
“Having a baby come into this world changes the way I think about things,” Michael said.
“The song talks about me wanting the baby to be just like her because I know as soon as I hold the baby in my arms that I am going to look into her eyes and fall in love with her just like I did with her mama and I can’t wait to sing that for America to hear,” Michael explained before their quarterfinals performance.

The song titled “Like I Did With You” was absolutely beautiful and made the judges emotional with lyrics like:

“Soon it won't be us, it will be us three. I hope I see you when she looks at me. Until that day is here the only thing I'm gonna do is hope and pray each night my baby girl is just like you. We hope she has her momma's smile. I hope she's beautiful like you. 'Cause if she's anything like her momma I'll fall in love with her just like I did with you.”
“Your eyes still carry me away and when I look down at my baby girl. I hope her eyes will do the same. We hope she has her daddy's hair. I hope she laughs the way you do 'Cause if she's anything like her father I'll fall in love with her just like I did with you.”

Carissa may have been only 7 and ½  months pregnant when she and her husband performed the song but the couple officially welcomed their daughter, Xyla Rose Alvarado into the world on October 9th, 2018.

We congratulate “Us the Duo” on their new bundle of joy!

Watch their beautiful performance dedicated to their daughter below:

“Like I Did With You” is also available on iTunes.

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Us The Duo Welcomes Baby They Dedicated A Song To On AGT Season 13
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