‘Unplanned’ Faces Twitter Suspension On Opening Weekend, Now Restored

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Earlier today Twitter suspended the account of the Unplanned movie. Unplanned tells the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director, who, after seeing an abortion take place, became a pro-life activist. She wrote a book telling her story and made her life-changing story into a movie; it was released in 1,000+ theaters yesterday across the nation.

The film’s official Twitter page appeared like this for anyone who tried to view the movie’s tweets this morning:

That left a lot of people questioning why Twitter would suspend the film’s account. Let’s break it down.

On the front page of their profile, it reads: “Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules.”

The Twitter Rules state that accounts will be suspended if the following is found:

  • Misuse of intellectual property/copyright infringement
  • Display of graphic violence and adult content
  • Unlawful use; promoting illegal activities
  • Distribution of hacked materials
  • Promotion of specific trends
  • Third-party advertising in video content
  • Misuse of Twitter badges
  • Misuse of usernames
  • Display of abusive behavior

Factors taken into consideration when abusive behavior is suspected include: the behavior is targeted at an individual or group of people, the report has been filed by the target of the abuse or a bystander, or the behavior is newsworthy and in the legitimate public interest.

Since Unplanned reveals the truth about what goes on behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood, which is disgusting, horrific, and anti-woman, Twitter could have considered this to be “targeting” Planned Parenthood. However, by suspending the account for such reasons, Twitter would make evident their clear and obvious bias for the abortion industry, specifically Planned Parenthood. Why would Twitter have a problem with this if it were the truth? It is the truth. That is why Twitter was suspected of silencing the pro-life movement; and many thought they did not want the truth about the abortion industry to be revealed.

That would have been censorship - plain and simple.

We can never let censorship of any film let alone one as important as this to hinder us. We cannot let the censorship of prominent platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube silence us.

In the words of Abby Johnson herself at the March for Life: “We will not let censorship and darkness win, so put March 29th on your calendars. It is time to show this country, our government, and our world that we are pro-life, and that life is winning. Let us all share the truth and set people free. Let’s work to make abortion unthinkable in our nation.”

Luckily, Twitter has since reinstated the Unplanned movie’s official Twitter account, lifting the suspension after a major outcry from the pro-life movement. Rumor has it, the account was suspended because it was linked to another account which violated Twitter’s rules and the website’s algorithm suspended both accounts automatically.

The joke is on Twitter because since the account has been reinstated its follower count has skyrocketed. The account had 6,695 followers at 12:00 pm (CST) and now as of 8:46 pm (CST) has 59.3K followers, proving the suspension only made people even more interested.

We will never bow down to censorship and will always hold the big media conglomerates accountable when accounts are unjustly suspended or content is wrongly removed.

Click here to find a theater near you that will be showing Unplanned. Take your friends and family to see this movie. It is the most important message of our time. Decide for yourself which side of history you will be on.

‘Unplanned’ Faces Twitter Suspension On Opening Weekend, Now Restored
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