Remember Alfie Evans and Charlie Guard? They were the latest casualties of the “dying with dignity” movement, and were recently denied overseas transport for zero-cost treatment, and were stripped of life by the U.K. government.

While largely ignored by the mainstream media, these stories grate on the conscience of pro-lifers as these children were sacrificed at the altar of socialized medicine and the ginned up platitude of “dying with dignity.”

Oliver Cameron, or baby Oliver, is a ray of sunshine in the midst of this darkness.

Oliver Cameron was born with cardiac fibroma. His parents, Lydia and Tim Cameron, were told by the National Health Services (NHS) the U.K. Government would be unable to facilitate the surgery needed to keep baby Oliver alive. Oliver would have to wait on a heart transplant to live, which would take longer than Oliver had to live.

Lydia Cameron said, “They couldn’t treat the tumor in the U.K. because they didn’t have any doctors with the right expertise.” The necessary operation is said to have cost over $200,000 and the NHS was unwilling to pay for it.

After discovering this, baby Oliver’s parents searched for someone who could help. They were able to identify a pediatric surgeon in Boston by the name of Pedro del Nido who had successfully performed the surgery in the past. After identifying him, baby Oliver’s parents proceeded to make contact with the hospital. Lydia and Tim Cameron were desperate for help and had even started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the operation.

After the family confirmed they would have the operation in Boston, the NHS decided to pay part of the medical fees and sent a British surgeon to Boston to learn the procedure because Oliver’s condition is rare in the region.

With the added pressure following the Charlie Gard case, the NHS’ hand was forced. The great news is, the surgery was a success and the efforts of Lydia and Tim Cameron resulted in a life of health for their son.

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