Planned Parenthood officials have announced the closing of two clinics in Cincinnati, Ohio which are set to take place September 20, 2019. Planned Parenthood believes the two clinics closing down were directly caused by extreme pressures due to distinct regulations on abortion providers.

This Planned Parenthood news release comes less than a month after the organization  announced they would be withdrawing on their own from receiving any further federal funding called “Title X” over new restrictions put in place by the Trump administration.

The new rules ban engaged clinics from providing abortion referrals to patients, but allows clinics to fully operate still as a health care provider in every other aspect, as they have continued to claim to be.

Two Planned Parenthood spokespersons told ABC News that September 20, 2019 will be the last day for services, for both closing locations in Springdale and Western Hills, and that these locations do not provide abortion care.

These closings will leave five working Planned Parenthood locations in greater Cincinnati and Miami Valley regions, four of which refer for abortions and one of which provides abortions.

ABC news reports Ohio is one of several states which passed a heartbeat abortion ban this year. If enforced, the bill would stop anyone from seeking an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can happen as early as six weeks into a pregnancy when a woman might not know that she is pregnant.

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine signed the bill into law in April but, just as is the case in the other states where similar bills have been adopted, the law has been held up in legal challenges and is not currently in place.

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