On Saturday, President Donald Trump officially announced his third nomination to the United States Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett. The announcement comes a week after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and only mere weeks before the election. Much controversy has surrounded the Supreme Court pick, with some saying the nomination should be saved for the president after the election in November. After mustering up enough support in the Republican-majority senate, the confirmation and appointment of Trump’s Supreme Court pick is expected to go through.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a devout Catholic and a strong supporter of life which can be seen in her personal life. She has a total of seven children, two of which were adopted from Haiti, and one diagnosed with Down syndrome. She is reported to have learned about her son’s Downs syndrome diagnosis but still chose life.

Judge Barrett is currently a judge for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals after being being appointed by Trump in 2017. During her time in the Circuit Court, she has already ruled on two abortion cases, ruling pro-life in both cases. Her nomination has pro-choice people and abortion rights activists worried that now, with her on the court, overturning Roe v. Wade might actually become a reality. Many pro-life supporters and organizations like Abby Johnson, the Susan B. Anthony List ,and Americans United for Life, have endorsed her nomination.

She attended and taught at Notre Dame Law School, where upon graduating first in her class, she clerked for former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. In Judge Barrett’s nominee acceptance speech, she described her legal philosophy of that of her mentor Scalia’s. With this philosophy, this new court can ensure the United States is held to the standard the Constitution intended the country to be. Life, liberty, and freedom.

The announcement can be viewed here.

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