Three States Prepare To Vote On Protective Measures For The Preborn

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With Justice Kavanaugh confirmed and midterms just around the corner, it is an exciting time to be part of the pro-life movement. Yet for life advocates in three certain states, the excitement is even greater.

In fact, voters in Oregon, Alabama, and West Virginia will face ballot initiatives next month aimed at protecting life. The exact measure is unique for each state, but all would represent important victories for the preborn if passed.

Oregon’s measure, which has been criticized by Oregon Governor Kate Brown as setting “a dangerous precedent,” challenges the legality of public funding for all abortion procedures except for those resulting from ectopic pregnancy or involving other life risks to the mother.”

West Virginia’s initiative is called Amendment 1. As supporting State Senator Patricia Rucker states, the purpose of Amendment 1 is “to end state funding for elective abortion.”

Lastly, Alabama’s measure seeks to amend the state constitution, granting “fetal personhood” to babies still in the womb.

These ballot initiatives are significant for three reasons:

  1. They demonstrate the power and reality of the grassroots pro-life movement.
    Hollywood and the mainstream media may be pro-choice, but by even getting these measures on the ballot, pro-life voters have shown that though Hollywood and the media claim to be “mainstream” they emphatically do not represent every American. We are the pro-life generation, and our voices matter.
  2. They have the potential to save hundreds, if not thousands, of vulnerable lives.
    As Human Defense Initiative has previously reported, pro-life laws really do work. Laws like those proposed succeed in reducing the number of abortions and result in an increase in live-births.
  3. If passed, they can help shape the national conversation and fuel future changes at the state — and yes, even the federal — level.
    If one state can do it, other states can do it too. If three states can do it, what is to stop pro-life voters in every state from challenging their governments to pass pro-life legislation. Moreover, with the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court has a conservative majority for the first time in decades. This could bring us one step closer to massive change.

While each of these ballot initiatives is important, it is not immediately evident whether or not they will pass. All three face heavy opposition. That is why it is exigent, if you live in one of these three states, to get out and vote in November.

Three States Prepare To Vote On Protective Measures For The Preborn
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