The Left is free to call Trump “misogynist,” “sexist,” and blatantly “anti-woman.” However, it is to be suggested those shouting words of criticism should check aspects of themselves which contradict their supposed preaching. There is nothing empowering or praiseworthy about convincing women they are slaves to their circumstances — and therefore must enslave their children as well.

True champions of women’s rights support both mother and preborn daughter, extenuating circumstances and all. We as women should not have to be faced with an ultimatum between our children and our careers. The Trump Administration recognizes this — and in turn has facilitated a pro-woman, pro-child ressurection of culture.

Despite heavy media bias in the liberal arena, Ivanka Trump is globally recognized as a woman dedicated to the promotion women and their children. In July of 2017, Ms. Trump attended the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, which concluded with a budget allocating $1 billion towards female-dominated entrepreneurship initiatives. This budget, titled the Women’s Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, has already expanded since the summit with donations from 12 different nations so far totalling $325 million dollars. Ms. Trump has encouraged elite venture capitalists, equity funds, and insurance companies to finally begin to trust women and their monetary ideas.

Additionally, and quite possibly even more profound, is Ivanka’s national maternity-leave policy. This bipartisan proposal would grant new parents up to $600 a week for a standard eight weeks. Lauded by Washington scholars on both sides of the political aisle, Ivanka’s policy won the support of 83 percent of Democrats and 71 percent of Republicans. Although not a conspicuous agenda attached to this policy, mandatory paid maternity-leave positively feeds into a culture of life. No longer will the pro-abortion side be able to spew successfully the rhetoric Republican officials carry no concern for children after they are born. For employed mothers to secure the deserved right to spend time with their children in the crucial bond-forming stages of their lives is both a pro-life and pro-woman opportunity.

Much like his daughter’s working for the betterment of women through the investments she’s kick-started on their behalf both in the workplace and in the home, President Trump’s recent cut to Title X marked a colossal victory for preborn women.

The recent policy ensures its statutes “would prohibit recipients from using Title X funds to perform, promote, refer for, or support abortion as a method of family planning.” To even regard abortion as a “method of family planning” is beyond the realm of moral sense. There is no product of family in a practice that eliminates members of that same family. All of this aside, it is about time an American president stood up for the culture which deserves financial subsidies — the culture of life.

There will never come a day when I attempt to contend President Donald J. Trump carries a clean slate regarding his level of respect for women. He has been recorded saying unacceptable things in regards to women’s physical appearances and personal space, and I will forever condemn said statements. However, one key concept the Left consistently fails to understand is the distinction between a man’s words (albeit loose) — and his actions.

Currently, Mr. Trump faces ever-present criticism rooted in an erosion of separation between what has been pegged as “locker room talk” and his actual policy implementations and overall support of the female demography.

One can see this also in the initiatives his daughter, Ivanka, has taken in assistance of working mothers. He has kept his promises for women, entrusted women at high positions within his administration demanding a profoundly challenging amount of responsibility, and has consistently acted on the protective behalf of the most innocent and defenseless — preborn women.

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