Someday, Hollywood (or whatever it is called 150 years from now) will start making films about abortion. Long after the institution of abortion has been eradicated in America and thrown in the furnace next to slavery, our secular culture-makers will start to view it with clarity. After all, it is much easier to look at your grandparents’ sin honestly than it is to look at your own.  

In true Hollywood tradition, they will cast themselves as the heroes of this story. It worked great for them with the #metoo movement. Christians will be cast as the villains. Classic. The tragedy is that it will not be a complete lie. Like many oppressors throughout history, pro-abortion activists are more frequently invoking Christianity to justify their evil.

Self-proclaimed Christians like Willie Parker, who has performed thousands of abortions and is now being accused of sexual assault by former patients, considers abortion his ministry for Jesus. Pro-Choice ministers like Nadia Bolz-Weber, and religious politicians like Pete Buttigieg misquote scripture to assert that babies are not alive until they draw their first breath. Just a month ago, a dozen clergy gathered in a Texas abortion clinic. They held hands right between the high-powered suction machine and stainless-steel cutting tools to sing a rousing verse of “Hallelujah, Bless This Room.”

In a hundred years, Hollywood will smugly look at these death-dealing zealots with all the scorn and disgust they deserve. The world will finally know about the religious extremists who used the Bible to justify the wholesale slaughter of millions of infant children. Their names will forever be disgraced in history books and unflattering dramatic portrayals, to be despised and held up as cautionary tales to our great-great-grandchildren.

Will future Hollywood tell of the Christ-followers who ended abortion? Will they warn of the folly of denying human rights to God’s image-bearers? I sure hope so but I fear they will not. Invoking God brings light and clarity to the past, sure. But it also brings light and conviction to the present. That is why I think God’s role in the pro-life movement will be erased by our secular culture. Because in the future, long after abortion is gone, mankind will have another grotesque pet sin we will wish to remain blind to. Once again, God will raise up people to fight and defeat it; and once again those people will fade into obscurity. That has always been their role. Christ-followers are, as C.S. Lewis called them, the “good infection,“ quietly spreading the grace and truth of Jesus, and living for a kingdom the world cannot see.

Christian, it is a miracle of grace that God chooses to use you and me for this work with all our brokenness and hypocrisy and failure. What grace and mercy! Let us revel in the opportunity to reveal brief glimpses of His kingdom through these broken vessels of ours- there is no greater assignment.  Someday, glimpses will no longer be necessary. The kingdom will be here in all its glory, and Christ will sit on the throne.  

And the stories told in eternity will not come from Hollywood.

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Joel Berry is a pro-life sidewalk advocate, writer for The Babylon Bee, and host of The Petty Prophet Podcast. 

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.