I was born in a small, middle-of-nowhere town in West Texas. We were a decent distance from the border, but illegal immigrants would make their way to the panhandle in hopes of finding jobs with the farmers who often struggled with drought. One day, when visiting my family for summer vacation, my cousin made a joke that would haunt me years later. We were out late one night on the outskirts of town. The dry dirt spread out for miles. He kicked his boot causing dust to spread through the air and, as it settled, said, “So dry and dead, kinda like the bodies we all know are probably buried out here.” Little did he know, his attempts to scare a little kid would later resonate the true horrors of what happens on the southern border of our great nation.

There’s nothing new about the issue of immigration and border security. Failure to secure the border has been present through many presidential administrations. A surge in the number of illegal immigrants making their way into our country happened under the previous administration of Barack Obama and, with it, a rise in deaths at the border of Mexico. Sadly, death is not the only fate illegal immigrants are meeting.

Statistics and recent studies show a steady increase in human trafficking in border states. The majority of victims are female adults who have crossed the border illegally, without U.S citizenship. These women are often forced to work in shady massage parlors where their captors expect them to perform sexual acts for paying customers. The even less fortunate are sold into human trafficking rings, which spread throughout the United States, with customers from multiple countries.

Children also fall prey to lack of border security. Statistics from the past several decades show a shocking increase in child trafficking in border states, with parents and family members often playing a key role in the selling process. Adults have also been caught using children to smuggle drugs.

Our government is limited in its ability to help these people before they reach our border, but we do have the means and resources to ensure these atrocities do not happen within our country. We, as pro-lifers, must take the strongest stance for life we can, which is to close and protect our borders from being traffic routes for these heinous crimes against humanity. The pro-life movement is often accused of only caring for children until they are born, yet we are labelled as savages when we wish to close our border in an effort to protect children from being trafficked, kidnapped or killed crossing it. We’re blamed for children suffering within our border, but we cannot put forth any effort to cut off the main source of the problem. It’s time we take a strong stand to protect life at every turn in every way possible.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.

As a mother to two beautiful children,
And a sister to fifteen more,
I know they are a blessing.
I'll defend them always, from the beginning of life to the end.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.