It seems to have become the cultural norm for there to be a flag for almost every movement. Now the pro-life moment does, too! The winning design was decided based on an internet poll which received over 6,000 votes and was hosted by the Pro-Life Flag Project.

The Pro-Life Flag Project is a grassroots movement by over 70 pro-life organizations, including Students For Life of America, Save The Storks, Democrats For Life, and many others.

Pro-life Brazilian artist Nanda Gasperini created the winning flag design. According to Secular Pro-Life, one of the organizations involved in the project, every part of the flag has meaning: 

“The white background symbolizes non-violence in the womb as well as the innocence of the unborn child. The two baby feet represent the humanity of the unborn child; baby feet have been a symbol associated with the pro-life movement since the iconic Precious Feet lapel pins were named the international pro-life symbol in 1979. The two pink hands represent the pregnant mother, holding and protecting her child. The white heart in between the feet symbolizes the pro-life movement’s love for both the mother and her child. The two stripes emphasize the TWO distinct human lives present in a pregnancy. The stripes also form an ‘equals sign,’ stressing that the unborn child is equally and fully human, and therefore deserving of equal human rights.”

James Chapman, the Pro-Life Flag Project spokesman, initially told Catholic Review, “Will McFadden, the project’s founder, conceived the idea in 2017 while attending the March for Life in Washington, D.C., where he observed no unifying symbol. The effort gathered steam as McFadden saw the rainbow flag become increasingly entrenched in the culture.

Chapman believes, “It will raise awareness for the pro-life cause among pro-life and pro-choice advocates alike.

We think that the existence of a pro-life flag will allow the everyday pro-lifer to show support and stand in visible solidarity with the worldwide movement,” he told Catholic Review.

The Pro-Life Flag Project hopes to see their flag design used on everything from clothing to yard signs. Starting on September 1st, the copyrighted flag will be allowed to be used freely without permission by pro-life organizations for non-profit purposes and for other purposes on a case-by-case basis. You can order a flag or bumper sticker here!

Cover photo: the winning flag designed by pro-life Brazilian artist Nanda Gasperni. Photo courtesy of the Pro-Life Flag Project.

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