County Becomes First Sanctuary State For The Preborn

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In Effingham County, Illinois, a vote passed 7-1 on an ordinance which would make all abortions illegal in the county except in the case the mother's life was at risk.

This is in stark contrast to the abortion laws of the state of Illinois, which make abortions legal up to 20 weeks and only available after that point if the mother's health is at risk.

Many see this as a success for the pro-life movement. Vallory Kemme who was in attendance at the meeting said,

“Thank you so much for having the courage to bring up this sensitive topic and your efforts to protect the lives of unborn children and their mothers. There are few priorities higher than protecting innocent life, especially when that life is utterly defenseless.”

However, there are those who consider this a great wrong done to women, or they think this is a religious law being wrongly forced upon the populace.

Karen Luchtefeld (who voted “no” on the resolution) claimed, “If your religion is more important than our United States constitution, then you should work in a church, mosque, or a synagogue and keep out of public office.”

Yet, in the face of claims the ordinance is against women or it was drafted and passed for religious reasons, the county board chairman James Neiman said,

“Ordinances affect the public at large, resolutions affect the operations of the board of the county in general. So this is something that would affect the way the county looks at the questions that would come forward in the future. … In Illinois, we have contradictory laws.

If you kill a pregnant woman, that’s two murders. However, if she has an abortion, it isn’t. It doesn’t make sense.”

We hope to see more ordinances like this in the future to ensure preborn babies are safe and protected!

County Becomes First Sanctuary State For The Preborn
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