Aly and JR Dakin have been married for sixteen years and have six beautiful children. But, their dream is to increase their family to seven children, adopting their next one.

The Dakin family, so far, consists of Salem, Willow, Foster, Charlie, Paisley and Betsy, ranging from twelve to five years old. Read more about their family here and how the Dakin family began the 7000 Names project.

“We believe life begins at conception. Abortion breaks our hearts, and we want to give a woman a different option for her baby. We are beyond excited to love a birth mom. We didn’t see this coming. We didn’t see this, and now we can’t imagine any other way. We are humbled to walk this crazy expensive American road of adoption. We could despise the costs or we can say ‘anything is possible when many work together.’ This is our heart for adoption,” Aly explains on her blog.

If 7,000 people donated $7.00, they would have enough funds to adopt baby number seven. They have a wall in their house with names of the donors written. When you donate, you give your name, and they write it down adding to the 7,000 name goal.

“We have shifted our entire life to move in the direction to adopt a baby through infant domestic adoption. We WANT to adopt a baby. We don’t NEED to. We have a beautiful family already, but we also have something that is so unique… and that’s WILLING hearts. We have a “YES” that will impact our life and the precious life of a child forever,” Aly says.

As of February 16, 2019 they are 70 percent toward their goal. Consider donating, and help them bring home baby number seven!

Read the blog, sign your name, and donate to 7000 Names here.

Watch the below video explaining more about the Dakin family’s story:

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