Our Team

Did you know our team is completely composed of remote volunteers? Although our contributors collaborate from all across the globe, each shares our mission of changing hearts and minds as well as saving lives. We do this by spreading the truth about abortion and providing pregnancy help services to those in need.

Our contributors are the heart and soul of our digital outreach team.

Each contributor listed helps grow our mission in different ways, whether through writing, crafting social media posts, designing graphics, editing our content to ensure quality, or handcrafting special gifts for our pregnancy help clients! We’re blessed to have such a dedicated team who is so willing to use their talents to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Leadership Team

Skyler Lee
Executive Director

Nick Bell
Communications Director

Petra Wallenmeyer
Content Director

Sarah Mouradian
Digital Marketing Director

If you’re interested in joining our life tribe, we welcome you!

Active Contributors

AJ Schalk

Alec Brown

Alex Ruggles 

Alexander Garza 

Alireza Ghazi-Torbati 

Allen Lindsay

Andrew Haack

Austin Hayek

Ava Bolen

Ayden Lincoln

Bailey Zimmitti 

Benjamin Johnson

Brandi McCanna 

Bruna Ramos

Chris Christiansen

Christina Jackson

Courtney Wall

Daniel Gump

Darby Callahan 

David Suggs

Derek Smith

Dylan Atwater

Erin Jobes

Faith Marie

Gillian Strebor

Grace Sommerville

Hannah Skaggs

Ian Johnson

Isaiah Brickus

Jacob McConnell

JC Beichner


Jennifer Schoewe

Joel Berry

Kaitlyn Donihue

Kara Johnson 

Katherine Ranck

Kathleen Shannon

Katia Gyetvai

Katie Anderson

Kayla Hankins

Kitty Porterfield

Kristin Matysek

Limbikani Banda

Lisa Duvall

Maddie Grisanzio

Maggie Sayers

Mallory Thielges

Matthew Keller

Megan Johnson

Meghan Travaline

Melvin Soto Vázquez

Nathan Apodaca

Nicholas Kirby

Nichole Denny

Nick Mahowald 

Nikki Davis Woodcock

Noelle Rantakari

Patrick Shields 

Patrina Mosley 

Paul Collier

Quiana Casamayor

Rachel Nadeau

Rebekah Appleyard

Rebekah Dyer

Richard Castaldo

Riley Rose

Sadie-Megin Daniels

Samantha Kamman

Sammie Gallo

Sarah Pallivathukal

Scott Neumann

Sean Gallagher

Signe Sultana

Sonni Motton

Tiffany Smith

Tim Utekal

Trung Ho

Will Russell