Since its legalization in 1973, abortion has become an ingrained part of our culture in America. Abortion has been lauded by many as an acceptable and even celebrated choice of strong, independent women. To date, abortion has take the lives of over 55 million innocent babies. It is estimated that around 43% of women in the United States have had an abortion. Pro-choice activists would have you believe that the decision to have an abortion is one without consequence. Some even make the naive claim it’s the “loving” thing to do.

Abortion advocates often gloss over the horrifying fact abortion leaves women emotionally and spiritually traumatized. Sometimes traumatized beyond repair, as evidenced by the rising number of suicides by women post-abortion. I believe the solution lies within the Church. Often times the Church seeks to hide the issue of abortion away in an attempt to be relevant and avoid controversy, but this does a complete disservice to women who have had or are considering an abortion.

This must change, and thankfully there are a growing number of churches and programs that are seeking to do just that. “Surrendering the Secret” and “Project Rachel” are two examples of ministries that have a vast array of resources that are geared towards those who struggle with the decisions of their past and are looking to find healing.

Founded by Pat Layton as part of Life Impact Network, Surrendering the Secret has a love-oriented mission to provide a welcoming and non-judgemental place for women to share, discover, and heal from their past. This program offers techniques and bible study kits to help churches bring more women to God. The organization also brings hope to women haunted by their regrets to a place of acceptance and forgiveness only given by Jesus Christ. The testimonies of the tens of thousands of women who have been helped by this program are deeply moving. Healing is possible.

A group called Project Rachel also guides women to resources, books, pamphlets, and additional resources to help them find healing. Project Rachel emphasises the importance of empathy, as their website has a number of tools to help people address this sensitive topic. Empathy plays a crucial part in the fight for life.

One day soon, abortion will no longer have a place in our society. Women will no longer have to carry the burden and pain. For this to happen, the Church must step up and resemble Christ. We need to love and welcome others with arms stretched wide. If we believe all life is precious, that means theirs is too.

Here are some additional resources for post-abortive women to find healing:

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