On March 21, 2019, Governor Kristi Noem signed bills into law that put major restrictions on when women can have abortions.

Some of those bills include getting consent to perform an abortion (not just an adult coercing a young woman), letting the mother see her preborn child in a sonogram, and making forced abortions a Class B felony.

In 2018, then Governor Dennis Daugaard signed a similar bill that made clinics provide women with more counseling before they decide to have an abortion.

Since South Dakota is on a roll for the pro-life movement, let’s break down the laws recently signed and how they can help preborn children and women in the fight for life.

Senate Bill 72 creates a standardized form a physician must use in order to gain consent for an abortion.

No more surprises. This will make it clear to women exactly what is about to happen. Hopefully, there will be plain and clear language of what will happen to her and her preborn child if she plans to go through with it. Signing a piece of paper saying that you will end the life of your child can definitely sway some hearts into keep the baby. Having their signature forever on their medical record that they had an abortion is stirring. This is a small, but impactful, way to change minds.

House Bill 1055 requires parental notification and agreement before the use of an order to withhold resuscitation from certain patients.

Much like Bill 72, this would require consent or a signature not to resuscitate a baby born alive. In my opinion, signing off on this may be harder than simply signing off on an abortion. To sign or consent to this would be to deny the baby’s humanity which it so deserves. Coming to terms with this and signing on the dotted line to refuse medical treatment for a defenseless tiny human is beyond words. Hopefully no woman will have the heart to sign such a consent form.

House Bill 1177 requires pregnant women to be offered the opportunity to view a sonogram and hear the fetus’ heartbeat prior to an abortion.

This might be the most powerful of them all. As we know, some women change their minds once they see their baby or hear their heartbeat because of all the misinformation they receive from the public about abortions. Giving a preborn child humanity is sometimes the push that a woman needs to make the right decision. Babies are conceived with unique human DNA and does not turn into a human magically during a certain trimester. The sonogram proves this and abortion providers know this. That is why they never want to show the mother her baby on that screen. If they do show the baby, it is always a top-down photo of the head only so they can see how big the skull is for pricing.

House Bill 1190 provides reporting requirements related to abortions, including the number of women who used the requirements of HR 1177 to view a sonogram or hear a heartbeat.

Planned parenthood and other abortion providers do not want the public knowing numbers on how many women change their minds once they see their baby. They want to keep us in the dark and lead us to believe that it is just another medical procedure. They want their evilness to stay hidden in the dark and these reports shine a bright light into the deception that they have been able to keep up for so long.

House Bill 1193 which makes it a Class B felony to cause an abortion against a pregnant woman’s will.

Sex and human traffickers beware! This is an excellent bill to add since the huge problem of trafficking has pimps and handlers sending women to Planned Parenthood and others to get regular abortions against women’s best judgement and will. We have seen before where Planned Parenthood ignored the obvious breaking of law when a disguised pimp got coaching on how their fake brothel employees can get abortion services and they did not even bat an eye to stop it or let alone call the police. Their disregard for women’s safety is unprecedented and this may be a way to stop their negligence.

South Dakota may be cold during winter months, but if you want to live in the most pro-life state there’s plenty of room. I have visited that beautiful state in the past. It is truly a wonder to see.

Congratulations, South Dakota. May all the states follow your lead until we see an end to abortion everywhere.

Sondra "Sonni" is a pro-life Christian conserative who loves gaming, geek culture, makeup, and defending the preborn.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.