Technology to benefit pregnant women is consistently improving every year, and it looks like the smoothie industry is jumping on board! Mothers-to-be everywhere are always seeking out ways they can give their babies the proper nutrients they need while in the womb. Luckily, Smoothie King — known for making healthy smoothies — has recently released The Premama Smoothie to help benefit both the mother and the baby!

Dr. Richard Chudacoff MD says, “Nutrition is one of the top concerns for women who want to make sure their babies get a strong start in life, but many busy women on the go find it difficult to make sure they are getting enough whole fruits and veggies. They also often have difficulty swallowing and keeping down a giant prenatal vitamin pill.”

It is safe to say The Premama solves both issues, allowing mothers to drink the smoothie throughout the day and when they need to swallow necessary pills.

To get yourself The Premama, visit Smoothie King’s website! There is even a customization feature to create a smoothie with your desired taste.

Society is shifting to not only allow both women and babies to coexist, but also are finding ways to love them both; even as simple as making a healthy smoothie.

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