Last month, “Shout Your Abortion,” a pro-abortion organization who seeks to normalize the killing of children, published a story to their website titled, “I am 23 and I have had 3 abortions. YES I HAVE!”

The story was purportedly submitted by a woman named Heather. Readers were made to believe the cover image was one of the writer, but it has since been discovered the photo was stolen.

Molly Schaap, the actual woman pictured, reached out to Canadian pro-life organization Choice42 after seeing her photo circulating on social media.

“My name is Molly. I am 24 and want to make it clear that I have never had an abortion. I was horrified to wake up yesterday and learn that a photo of me was stolen and used without my permission or knowledge on a post for “Shout Your Abortion,” a website that encourages women to share the stories of their abortions,” Schaap states.

Molly goes on to reveal she is actually very pro-life and has even donated to pro-life causes. Although she is troubled by what has happened, Molly is using this situation to send a message:

“Yes, the story, if it is true, is quite sad, but there is no excuse for making some of the crude and judgmental comments I have seen. While I strongly believe that abortion is taking a valued life, I would like to ask people to think about the effect that their words have and to choose their words carefully.

If Heather really exists, I want her to know that she has value and is loved despite the unfortunate life choices she has made. The Bible clearly teaches that God is a forgiving God. As a Christian, I strive to embody the love of Christ. Passing judgment helps no one.

I hope that my story challenges you to think twice before making a comment on the Internet and instead think of other ways to promote choosing life.”

The Human Defense Initiative has reached out to Shout Your Abortion for an official statement, but has not received a response at the time of publication.

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