Meg, a long-time supporter of Human Defense Initiative, is her elderly parent’s primary caregiver. Her mother, who just turned 97, has dementia and can no longer walk. Both her mother and stepfather are also recovering from injuries. They’ve been living entirely off of Social Security income and little else.

Government programs have very strict income limits without taking into account expenses that are absolutely necessary for the household to function safely, including healthy food and decent supplies.

Meg is doing the best she can but desperately needs some help with supplies, including but not limited to bandages, wipes, bed pads, pain relief patches, liquid thickener, gloves, toilet paper, and Depends.

We’ve included medical supplies as well as gift cards for groceries.

Will you help give to her registry and show we’re pro-life for the whole life?

To donate, click the link to the registry below. Make sure to click “gift address” under shipping at the checkout to ensure the gift ships directly to Meg’s parents. Thank you so much for your support in advance! Group gifting is also enabled on the more expensive items so that you can donate toward those gifts!


Photo by Dominik Lange on Unsplash

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