Newly-elected Arkansas State Senator Breanne Davis is showing she does not just talk the talk when it comes to her pro-life beliefs; she also walks the walk.

Just days after filing to run for the Arkansas Senate, Davis and her husband found out they were expecting their fourth child— a baby girl who was later diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Davis says they were once asked if they had “plans to terminate.”

“We said no. We are pro-life and it was an easy answer, but it was weird even to be asked that.”

Luckily, Davis was very fortunate to have doctors who were understanding, supportive, and never pressured her into abortion because her daughter was diagnosed with special needs.

Although the diagnosis was originally unexpected, Davis could not be more excited her family is growing. Prior to receiving news she was pregnant, she and her husband had actually been looking into becoming foster parents or adopting.

Even before Everly’s arrival, Davis and her husband used her pregnancy as an opportunity to teach their older children about Down Syndrome.

They reminded their children their sister’s life is precious and valuable, telling them, “Everly will be able to do all of the things that kids do, but it will just be maybe at a slower pace.” They also discussed “protecting her” and “how some people may not understand or say mean things.”

“I don’t know what her potential will be, but as a family we’ll make sure she reaches her potential just the same as we have with our other kids,” Davis said.

She also shared her story with constituents in District 16 ahead of Everly’s birth, hoping to inspire a culture of life.

“We believe that every life is valuable and everything has a purpose. While we don’t know what the road ahead looks like, we feel that we will get to play a part. I believe that as pro-life advocates that we should be with people through all stages of life. I think [our family’s story] adds another special layer of how we get to advocate for life,” Davis explained.

Davis gave birth early last month and we congratulate her and her husband on their new bundle of joy. Thank you for being a wonderful example in the pro-life moment!

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