Hope, love, happiness, and life are major themes when advocating for the preborn. Misinformation, lies, and pain are all words consistently used when describing the abortion industry. It is a stark contrast between light and darkness; however, the abortion industry tends to use euphemisms in order to stay relevant in a world where hearts and minds are changing and people are waking up to the realities of abortion.

Focus on the Family is hosting an online documentary-style event this Saturday, September 26, 2020 to expose the misinformation, lies, and pain associated with the abortion industry. See Life 2020 celebrates the beauty and power of pregnancy and the miracle of life.

Jeanne Mancini, the President of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund, and Benjamin Watson, activist and former NFL tight end, host the event. Many pro-life advocates like Lila Rose, Alveda King, Abby Johnson, and Candace Owens were interviewed for the documentary. It includes interviews with abortion survivors and those who have had abortions. Each guest brings a unique perspective on abortion and why he or she is pro-life.

It also presents a 4D ultrasound of a baby in the womb!

This event aims to show all life has intrinsic value and there are so many ways we as pro-life advocates can speak out to open even more eyes to the realities of abortion and to help those facing unplanned pregnancies and those who are post-abortive.

It will premiere at 8PM EST across all Focus on the Family social media platforms. You can find it on YouTubeFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Meghan is a stay-at-home mom and an attorney. She believes all life is precious and children are the greatest joy. She is married with three beautiful daughters. 

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