Protecting women, children & minorities from an abortion industry which enables trafficking & eugenics.


The Supreme Court of the United States has recently handed down conflicting rulings. In June, SCOTUS disappointingly failed to uphold basic health and safety guidelines provided by the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act, written and sponsored by Senator Katrina Jackson after learning women suffered severe injuries and infections caused by abortions. The act required abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges, with which all other outpatient surgical facilities comply, for patient safety and essential continuity of care. Abortion clinics, however, demand being exempt from such standards, enabling clinics with long histories of substandard care, health violations, malpractice, injuring women, and even covering up child abuse to continue putting women’s health at risk. SCOTUS unfortunately failed to close the loophole which would have protected women’s health, so abortion clinics could more quickly access emergency care they are not equipped to provide when women suffer life-threatening complications during abortions, and provide vital information to emergency care physicians. Rather, abortion clinics delay 911 calls and first responders, and fail to provide essential information necessary for emergency room physicians to determine proper treatment for patients with urgent life-threatening complications; abortionists evade accountability, and injured women are burdened with obtaining emergency and subsequent healthcare on their own. Chief Justice Roberts unfortunately reversed his own opinion when he had upheld similar health and safety precautions in a previous case.

By contrast, just days later, SCOTUS did uphold protection for women and children in The Alliance for Open Society International case involving a challenge to the Mexico City Policy, which President Trump reinstated during his first week in office. This policy requires foreign organizations to pledge against prostitution as a condition to receiving taxpayer-funded U.S. grants to combat HIV/AIDS. Such organizations commonly legalize prostitution, which enables child abuse and human trafficking.

Democrat Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, not only supports decriminalizing prostitution, which endangers women, children, minorities and vulnerable lives, but also raided journalist David Daleiden’s home with a spurious warrant and stole evidence which exposed Planned Parenthood illegally and deliberately endangers women to harvest organs from live babies; kills women, minorities, and babies born alive; and enables child abuse, rape and trafficking.

It is ironic, especially during a global health crisis, the U.S. Supreme Court failed to protect the health and safety of women and children in America while it upheld protections for women and children abroad. Consistent with established precedent, the Court ruled,

“It is long settled as a matter of American constitutional law that foreign citizens outside U.S. territory do not possess rights under the U.S. Constitution,”

thus foreign organizations do not have such free speech rights under the U.S. Constitution to demand taxpayer funds while allowing legal prostitution. Despite agreeing with such precedent and dismissing similar challenges as an appellate judge, Justice Sotomayor contradicted her position in her dissent, and exposed during oral arguments that the actual motive for her legally flawed opinion was to enable the abortion agenda, thus an unlawful politicization of judicial duty.

The decision upholding U.S. conditions for foreign aid will help defend against future legal challenges to the Mexico City Policy, a Republican policy which also prohibits international aid to organizations which receive taxpayer funds from promoting abortion, thus hindering global policies which facilitate bigoted eugenics or population control initiatives and abortions which discriminate against minorities and females, while maintaining aid used for ethical family planning. Consistent with the First Amendment and the majority of Americans who oppose taxpayer-funded abortion, denying U.S. funding to foreign groups who promote abortion also combats abortion’s enabling of rape and trafficking.


Abortionists and traffickers both profit from exploiting women and children. Approximately 30% of trafficked women who become pregnant go to Planned Parenthood for abortions. Over 70% report they were pressured to abort. The documentary Blind Eyes Opened exposes the direct link between abortion and women and girls, including minors, trafficked even in the United States. “Feminist” abortion activists ignore the “connection between sex trafficking and abortion” because it exposes abortion is “part of the problem. Abortion is the best thing for an abuser because it covers up the abuse,” noted former Planned Parenthood manager Abby Johnson.

Activists politicizing abortion, claiming to uphold women’s rights, actually enable sex trafficking. Members of cartels and trafficking organizations have been arrested, residing illegally in the United States.

“Women and girls, some as young as 14, were coerced or abducted and then smuggled across the southern border to perform sex acts for willing buyers. Some victims were forced into sex as many as 45 times daily. These women and girls did not voluntarily enter into prostitution; their captors sold them into the sex trade through beatings, sexual assaults, and threats to their families and children at home.”

Women and children, and even young men, are victimized and forcibly smuggled through the southern border, and “systematically bought and sold for sex and forced labor.”

In fact, 91% of asylum claims are illegitimate, and approximately one-third of illegal migrants who present themselves as family units are falsely using unrelated children to enter the United States illegally, and endangering women and children who are often abused on the treacherous journeys, forced into child labor, and deprived pay or education. Alarmingly, 80% of women and children are raped along the routes and “The assaults are so common that many women and girls take contraceptives beforehand as preventative measures.” Additionally, 70% are victims of violence, 40% are sex trafficked, and some are even killed. “Hundreds of bodies bearing signs of rape and sexual mutilation have been dumped on waste ground; thousands more have never returned.”

The acting director of ICE testified,

“These despicable smugglers have created an entire illicit industry with untold millions of dollars being made through the sale, rental, and recycling of children—utilized by unscrupulous adults to pose as family units. By requiring the release of family units before the conclusion of immigration proceedings, seemingly well-intentioned court rulings and legislation are being exploited by transnational criminal organizations and human smugglers.”

Even toddlers and newborns have been sold and smuggled. Young children have sadly been raped, impregnated, and infected with sexually transmitted diseases. Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics enable abusers, rapists, and traffickers; and Democrats’ New Way Forward Act alarmingly would allow previously deported violent criminals to re-enter the United States, further endangering women and children while enabling traffickers.

A global scourge, trafficking victims come from South America, Africa and Asia, and the United Nations reported the “vast majority of victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, and 35% of those trafficked for forced labor, are female.” Another documentary, Sex + Money, exposed human trafficking within the U.S., including how children are groomed by traffickers, and warned, “sexual exploitation of children has become the nation’s fastest-growing form of organized crime.


President Trump has record high arrests of traffickers, signed an Executive Order to end child exploitation, and formed task forces specifically to combat what is known as “modern-day slavery.” President Trump’s border security reforms also help combat rape and trafficking, unlike during the Obama administration, when illegal crossings with false family units surged 91%, and DACA recipients were approved despite felony charges, including rapists, drug and human traffickers, over 80,000 criminals, even murderers, and MS-13 gang members who border patrol warn rent and recycle children to pose as “fake families.” While pro-life organizations provided resources to families at the border, many Democrats and media politicized “family separations,” but ignore the real border crisis of women and children being trafficked. Shockingly, the Obama administration even placed migrant children with traffickers, and America became a top hot spot for sex trafficking and pedophilia during Obama’s second term. By contrast, President Trump’s border security reforms have contributed to an 87% reduction from Obama’s peak of illegal crossings as fabricated “families,” helping to curb trafficking of women and children, and decreased trafficking by a staggering 96%.

President Trump has emphasized the need for border security, signed numerous pieces of anti-trafficking legislation focused on domestic child sex trade, and increased the resources necessary for law enforcement to fight domestic traffickers. Politicizing security, many Democrats’ districts defund police, including sex crimes units, thus endangering women, children, minorities, and vulnerable communities. By contrast, President Trump’s administration is “relentless in the fight to hold perpetrators accountable, restore dignity to victims, and ensure survivors can access the services they need.” President Trump appointed a special adviser to lead the fight against trafficking, and his administration recently announced $35 million in grants to 73 organizations “to provide transitional or short-term housing assistance for trafficking victims, including rental, utilities or related expenses, such as security deposits and relocation costs.” The grants also provide “funding for support needed to help those victims locate permanent housing, secure employment and receive occupational training and counseling.” President Trump also pledged a $42 million budget increase for 2021 “to support victims and efforts to prosecute criminals who take part in human trafficking.” Thus, for the alarming 24.9 million “trapped by traffickers who make more than $150 billion in annual profit for the industry,” the upcoming election is crucial to ensure millions of vulnerable lives receive the aid they need.

President Trump also signed several additional pieces of anti-trafficking legislation, including The Abolish Human Trafficking Act, which provides resources for trafficking victims, and The Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act, which authorized $430 million to fight sex and labor trafficking. Additionally, The Trafficking Victims Protection Act tightens regulations on countries that fail to meet minimum standards of working to end human trafficking, and The Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act removed legal protections for internet platforms that knowingly facilitate child sex trafficking. Obama’s FBI, under Robert Mueller and James Comey, awarded the CEO of a website that enabled sex trafficking. By contrast, under President Trump, the website was closed down and the CEO arrested.

President Trump’s impressive list of pro-life accomplishments further protect women, children, and minorities, and uphold equality and human rights. He made history as the first President to speak at the annual March for Life, recognizing, “The life movement…led by strong women, amazing faith leaders, and brave students who…raise the conscience of our nation and uphold the rights of our citizens.” President Trump also promised to veto any legislation that “weakens protections for human life” and condemned discriminatory abortions, which kill minorities, females, and babies with disabilities. Further, the President’s administration supports the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, especially important as Democrats have repeatedly blocked and repealed such healthcare, enabling infanticide and human rights abuse. Coupled with his signing of Right to Try, which enables patients to access cutting edge medical care, and additionally protecting healthcare workers’ conscience rights, and the fundamental right to life, President Trump asked “Congress to provide an additional $50 million to fund neonatal research” to provide advanced healthcare to premature babies. In fact, 60% of premature babies born at just 22 weeks survive if given healthcare, but sadly, 75% receive none. Arbitrary “viability” discriminates against lives without affluence or regional access to advanced healthcare, while pro-life policies protect equality and human rights.

Since President Trump took office, his administration has also “focused on promoting adoption unlike any previous administration,” and the President signed an historic executive order for child welfare, expanding the efforts of Health and Human Services to help foster children with an “unprecedented level of support from the federal government,” including reforms for bipartisan efforts working with “states, communities, and faith-based partners to build a brighter future for American kids who are in foster care or in crisis.” Recognizing “the American family is the bedrock of American life,” President Trump’s “strong actions support vulnerable children and youth nationwide by advancing measures to reduce child abuse and neglect, encouraging family preservation, and strengthening adoption and other forms of permanency for America’s kids.” The administration’s efforts have produced results, as states with pro-life laws have set adoption records for foster children, and the Trump administration’s continued efforts work towards supporting families to help children not enter the foster system in the first place, thus debunking abortion activists’ false challenge to pro-life advocates’ care for women and children after birth. Under President Trump, there has been a steady decline of children entering the foster care system, thus further protecting children vulnerable to the trafficking industry.

Further, unlike pro-abortion Democratic politicians, who exploited the global health crisis to expand abortion, even blocking aid, including food to children in need, to demand abortion funding, President Trump, on the other hand, helped steer aid to children in need during the pandemic and increased aid to human trafficking victims, “ensuring that survivors across our country are afforded safe and stable housing and empowered with the support and resources they need to rebuild their lives.” In fact, children are 2000 times more at risk of being a trafficking victim than a casualty of coronavirus. Additionally, The CARES Act included “$45 million in grants to states, territories, and tribes to support the child welfare needs of families during this crisis, and to help keep families together,” while the Families First Coronavirus Response Act “is anticipated to add $300 million in federal resources in fiscal year 2020 to support children in foster care, as well as children formerly in foster care now living with adoptive parents or legal guardians.” While Planned Parenthood and abortion affiliates illegally grabbed over $100 million in aid intended instead to support small businesses and working families in need, President Trump gave millions in aid to thousands of community pregnancy centers nationwide who operate as non-profit organizations based on donations, and received more calls during the crisis to help women, children and families with prenatal care and other health services, necessary supplies, even housing, counseling and other free resources. The Trump administration is also investigating how Planned Parenthood’s spurious applications were approved and attempting to restore the funds to appropriate recipients.

Despite the abortion industry’s lies, President Trump also actually increased Title X funding to $400 million, while closing a loophole that abortion clinics used to illegally funnel taxpayer millions to fund abortion, despite overwhelming bipartisan majorities oppose taxpayer-funded abortion and support restrictions and better health and safety standards, which ironically, those claiming to champion women’s health, oppose and repeal. President Trump instead funds more ethical clinics which vastly outnumber Planned Parenthood and provide safe healthcare and more services.

President Trump also recently signed an executive order banning the mobile application TikTok, which is essentially spyware backed by a Chinese oligarch, which not only facilitates the Chinese Communist Party’s election meddling and endangers national security, but also enables pedophiles contacting children, and doctors soliciting minors for abortion, violating parental consent, and enabling abusers and traffickers. President Trump also withdrew from the World Health Organization, to be finalized in 2021, thus emphasizing the importance of the upcoming election for pro-life protections for women, children, and minorities. Ironically, the World Health Organization actually increased health risks during a global health crisis, demanding women be permitted access to abortions, even if they tested positive for COVID-19, thus endangering both women and healthcare workers in order to exploit the pandemic for profit. WHO also defended China’s lack of transparency during the pandemic which endangered countless lives, and China’s organ harvesting, ignoring horrific human rights abuses, especially against minorities, and including brutal rape, trafficking, and gruesome forced sterilization and abortions. Media and “feminist” abortion activists not only ignore such abuses, but also support Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics alarmingly also harvest live organs, use coercion, enable sterilization, target minorities and minors, and violate parental consent. It is up to Congress to uphold President Trump’s efforts to defund WHO, but currently, House Democrats’ spending bill includes funding for WHO and language that would reverse President Trump’s ban on funding abortion groups overseas.


Globally, abortion not only enables abuse and trafficking of women and children, but eugenics and genocide of minorities, females and babies with disabilities as well. Historically, Democrat eugenicists, who colluded with the KKK and Nazis, founded Planned Parenthood, which continues bigoted eugenics and population control to this day, killing minorities, females, and lives with disabilities. Not only is abortion the highest killer of black lives and targets other minorities, the abortion pill is alarmingly made by the same parent company that made the deadly gas used during the Holocaust.

Abortion activists push the dangerous abortion pill regimen, which hospitalizes and kills women, endangers minors, and enables rape and trafficking. Disturbingly, over 60% of abortions involve coercion. Women have been unknowingly drugged with the dangerous abortion pills, or forced by threats and violence. Pro-abortion Democrat legislators even cheered passing extreme abortion laws in some states that decreased health and safety standards and repealed protections for women whose preborn babies were killed by violence. Despite increased risks, especially during a global pandemic, abortion advocates even seek to repeal the FDA’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy safety regulations that protect women from illegal sources of the abortion pill and protect women’s health with basic checks such as gestational age before the procedure, which can cause life threatening and even fatal complications and mental health trauma. In fact, chemical abortions cause even more complications than surgical abortions, an alarming 65% of post-abortive women suffer PTSD, and abortion correlates to higher depression, suicide and maternal death rates. Abortion activists, however, endanger women and ignore bipartisan majorities support increased safety standards.

Further, it is telling the abortion pill’s manufacturing and investors, including ties to China, George Soros, and Bill Gates, are shrouded in secrecy. Abortion activists claim to be pro-“choice” but routinely hide information from women, violating informed consent, endangering women’s health, and hindering women’s right and ability to make fully informed decisions about their own health and that of their children. By contrast, pro-life advocates not only provide full information, safe healthcare, more services and support, including life-saving abortion pill reversal, but also specifically assert

“women ought to be aware of who will manufacture the drug, who is behind it, and what the track records of those people are.”

Though “feminists” claim abortion is for women’s rights, the truth is abortion not only harms and exploits women, but real feminists were always pro-life, while misogyny and racism have been behind the push for abortion for decades. In a 2009 interview, Justice Ginsburg even admitted,

“Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of,”

exposing that abortion disturbingly targets poor and minority communities.

While the global abortion agenda endangers women and children, enables trafficking, and uses the abortion pill to surreptitiously further bigoted eugenic aims, the Trump administration fights the abortion agenda promoted by the European Union and United Nations. Not only did President Trump denounce the UN’s promotion of abortion in his 2019 speech before the General Assembly, but 21 countries also joined the United States’ pro-life statement, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services led 34 countries in pro-life strategies, and U.S. diplomats are also instructed to amend UN resolutions’ deceptive pro-abortion euphemisms. Promoting such pervasive language began with the Clinton administration and was continued by the Obama administration. The Trump administration has made commendable progress for women’s health and protecting children, equality, and human rights, but is yet to reverse international pro-abortion gains made during the Obama administration.


Such pro-life efforts are also met with opposition by the UN and EU pro-abortion policies. For instance, in 2019, while the U.S. gained support from 15 countries for pro-life amendments, over 100 other countries voted against the U.S. and alongside the Europeans. President Trump’s “level and quality of pro-life diplomacy is entirely unprecedented from the United States,” but the EU systematically promotes abortion and supports organizations that promote abortion, and EU bureaucracies unfortunately outweigh the Trump administration’s pro-life policies thus far.

Further, guided by the UN and EU bureaucracies, European governments launched a global anti-American campaign specifically to oppose the Mexico City Policy, even instructing delegates to oppose U.S. pro-life diplomacy, and threatening to cut foreign aid to developing countries who support such pro-life policies. Like abortion itself, the global abortion agenda wields financial leverage, exploitation, and abuse of power against more vulnerable entities, targeting less fortunate and minority populations. The Trump administration’s pro-life policies protect women, children, and minorities from such victimization, but without further support from the State Department and international coalitions, the progress will have “limited impact on international policy,” and likely requires more investments such as incentives for developing countries to support pro-life policies, fund pro-life organizations, and confront consequences from the formidable abortion advocacy of the EU and UN.

Much more is yet to be done to build such a coalition and culture for life, equality, human rights and truly safe healthcare, rather than the exploitation of women, children and minorities for profit and bigoted eugenic population control. The Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold President Trump’s reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy is one important step toward such international diplomacy and more protections for women, children, minorities and other vulnerable populations, both in the United States and worldwide.

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Noelle has a Bachelor of Science in Education, Master of Arts & a Doctorate of Law. She is pro-life based on moral principles & law.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.