“Do you want to save a life?”

This was the pivotal question that Nathan Berning asked his wife, Emily, in the deep recesses of a December night near the beginning of their work with Let Them Live, an organization that is dedicated to saving lives and changing the culture. It would cost them $1,250, everything that they had in their bank account, in order to convince the cousin of a woman they’d messaged online to cancel her abortion appointment. Nathan and Emily agreed to the terms without hesitation, and a baby with a future was saved from death.

Let Them Live: How Saving One Life From Abortion Sparked A Movement by Nathan and Emily Berning has officially hit the shelves, and it skillfully tells the profound story of how this one question, this one life-changing night, completely transformed both their work at Let Them Live and their lives as a whole. As the Bernings share their story, they also expound upon several lessons that ought to impact the pro-life generation as a whole, including the importance of finding beauty in unique stories, bridging the political divide, recognizing the financial side of the abortion crisis, etc.

As explained by the Let Them Live website, 

“Let Them Live was founded by Nathan and Emily Berning in 2019 after they were connected with a woman who was homeless and abortion-minded because she couldn’t pay her bills. They emptied their bank account and gave her the financial assistance she needed to keep her baby. After saving her and her baby from abortion, they realized that many other women were getting abortions due to financial burden often caused by the father of the baby or from lack of support from immediate friends and family.”

Shockingly, 73% of abortions happen due to financial reasons, due to women believing that they don’t have the resources necessary to provide for their unborn children. With their organization, the Bernings focus on women who believe that they have no choice but to end their pregnancy. As Nathan states in the book, money is worth so little when placed next to human lives. The organization is also dedicated to helping women create a sustainable path for their future, helping them envision and live out their lives as mothers. “There are people who want to help them get back on their feet so they can lead a good and meaningful life with the child God has given to them,” Nathan writes.

By practically helping mothers financially, the Bernings are living examples of what it means to truly be pro-life. They dream of a culture in which no mother feels as if they need to take the life of their own child due to financial reasons. The co-founders write, “Our goal is not merely to talk someone out of an abortion; we want to provide real support…we want to set each mom up for success when their baby comes…it’s not an impossible dream to think we can end need-driven abortion in this country. Changing the world is within our grasp. We just need to spread the vision and make it happen.” 

Unfortunately, many self-described pro-lifers in our generation do not truly comprehend how much they are needed and how much they could do by taking action. As stated in the book, being against abortion isn’t enough; what are we for? The Bernings passionately call the pro-life generation to put love into action, not neglecting child and maternal well-being after the abortion has been stopped, and truly caring for life before and after birth. By transforming the culture of death into a culture of life, political policies will follow in the same direction. Though this work is tough, the Bernings detail how joyful and important that work is: “I don’t think I’ll ever get over the joy I feel when I learn a mother has decided to keep her baby, but now I realize this joy is just an echo of the celebration in heaven.”

The book continues to explain how one can live out the pro-life worldview practically. One way that we can do so is by finding beauty in differing stories and cultures. As Nathan states, a Good Samaritan doesn’t pick and choose whom they serve, depending on their stories or beliefs, but rather, he/she steps in to offer real, accepting love. “…To be truly pro-life a person must set aside the very idea of tribalism…Every person has a story to be learned; every person has the potential to do great things.”

Another way that we can further pro-life truth in our culture is by bridging the political divide on the abortion issue. The beauty and value of human life is not a partisan issue or up for debate depending on what party one aligns with. Let Them Live accepts donations and support from both Democrats and Republicans, giving us pro-lifers an example of caring more for the vulnerable lives we’re saving over the differing political views of our supporters. 

“Let Them Live is a pro-life organization, and we make no apologies about that,” Nathan explains. “But I’m proud to say we have donors and supporters who consider themselves ardently pro-choice…they see the good we’re doing and can’t deny the difference we’re making…It’s a beautiful thing to see people on opposing sides of an issue come together to do something good for the world, especially when the good thing is helping women in need and saving lives in the process…If people who passionately disagree about an issue as contentious as abortion can come together, then anything’s possible, isn’t it?”

How can you help further Let Them Live’s mission? There are multiple options:

  • Volunteer with Let Them Live, becoming a pregnancy counselor or helping with the Gratitude Program, an operation for thanking generous donors.
  • Donate to registries for mothers on the Let Them Live website, possibly even joining the Heartbeat Club and donating regularly.
  • Partake in an Adopt-a-Mom program as a church, organization, or philanthropist, financially providing for and emotionally empowering a specific pregnant mother.
  • Become a social media ambassador, spreading Let Them Live’s message on social media.
  • Pick up the book Let Them Live: How Saving One Life from Abortion Sparked a Movement here

As the Jewish Talmud states, “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.” Pro-life generation, let us follow the example of the Berning family and put our love-fueled beliefs into action. Pick up their book today to learn more about their profound story and how you could help mothers and their babies!

Cover photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

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