On Wendesday, the Human Defense Initiative identified 26 year old Jordan Hunt, an abortion proponent caught on camera roundhouse kicking a peaceful pro-life leader during a peaceful demonstration.

After having his photo plastered throughout the internet, and our story and videos reaching over 2,550,000 individuals, Jordan Hunt bowed to the pressure and surrendered to the Toronto Police Service this morning.

He is charged with:

  1. 8 counts of assault
  2. 7 counts of mischief under $5,000

The release by the Toronto Police Services further alleges connection with an assault on August 2nd against a Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform intern earlier this summer.

Pro-life leader Marie-Claire Bissonnette, the subject of the assault earlier this week told us she intends to press charges,

I hope this unfortunate experience can remind the public of the violent deaths preborn babies experience from abortion.

What this man did was an act of assault and I intend on pressing charges. But he’s also loved by the Father, so please pray for him.

Hunt appeared in court this morning at 10AM.

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