Many supporters and pro-life leaders consider President Donald Trump to be the most pro-life president in history. From passing numerous pro-life laws to defunding Planned Parenthood, Donald Trump has not wavered in the fight for life. Many organizations, both pro-life and pro-choice, are taking notice.

Abortion advocacy organizations such as NARAL have attacked the president and his reelection campaign to ensure he does not put an end to abortion. Many have gone so far as to call him “sexist” and suggest he does not care about women’s freedoms.

Pro-life organizations, such as the Susan B. Anthony List, have praised his pro-life leadership saying,

“President Trump has gone further to serve unborn children and their mothers than any president before him.”

Trump has repeatedly called-out other politicians, like New York governor Andrew Cuomo, on their extreme pro-choice stances. One of Trump’s first acts in office as president was to reinstate the Mexico City Policy that was rescinded by former pro-choice president Barack Obama. This policy insures U.S. foreign aid money is not used for abortions in other countries.

These pro-life accomplishments set into motion one of the largest pro-life campaigns in history for this upcoming election. The Susan B. Anthony List and Women Speak Out PAC, its partner super PAC, announced they would budget over $52 million dollars in funds and resources to help Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign for reelection. This is significantly more than the $45 million Planned Parenthood pledged to defeat Trump.

Their campaign plan is to turn out as many pro-life voters as possible to vote for Donald Trump in this upcoming election. They have ground teams out canvassing door-to-door to make sure they are educating voters on the importance of pro-life policies and exposing the radicalism of the pro-choice candidates running. National Campaign Director Tim Edson says many “pro-choice” voters are still persuadable and do not realize how detrimental the pro-choice candidates positions are. Educating and persuading these voters will be key in getting them to vote for the pro-life candidate. According to spokesperson Mallory Quigley, polls show that extreme pro-choice stances will hurt candidates on the campaign trail, not help them. Voters cannot be left ignorant to the seriousness of the pro-choice position. The abortion agenda needs to be exposed so voters vote in favor of a pro-life candidate such as President Trump. Susan B. Anthony List plans on visiting more than 4 million voters this cycle.

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