Louisiana may soon be one-upping its current protections for babies in the womb by passing a 15-week abortion ban — surprisingly, the pro-life fight is led by Democrats. Senate Bill 181, drafted by pro-life Democrat Senator John Milkovich, passed the Louisiana Senate with a vote of 31-3 on April 24, 2018.

The bill would prohibit abortions later than fifteen weeks post-conception which Milkovich calls, “a great step forward.”

Although the bill has garnered overwhelming support from the Senate, an amendment by Republican Senator Danny Martiny prevents the bill from moving forward until a federal judge rules on a similar law in Mississippi, setting a precedent legally worthy to be imitated. This precedent is currently being challenged.

Martiny supports the bill but insists the hold is necessary to avoid similar litigation costs for Louisiana.

“It will cost money to do it my way and I think the babies are worth the money,” Milkovich said in response to the wait.

However, if the Mississippi law is upheld, the bill will move to Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards’ desk, who is expected to sign the bill into law.

“That is still my inclination. I am pro-life,” Edwards on his monthly radio show in regards to whether or not he plans to sign the legislation.

Louisiana currently maintains a ban on abortions after twenty weeks.

As we continue to see if this new legislation is enacted, it is refreshing to see Democrats who realize the fight for life is in fact a nonpartisan issue.

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