Meet Pre-Born! — a ministry which supports life-affirming pregnancy help centers and shares the Gospel with abortion-vulnerable women.

Their mission is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by leading and equipping pregnancy clinics to save souls as well as babies. The first goal of their ministry is to save souls —  to bring the lost to Christ. They provide evangelism training for pregnancy clinics which they call “The Invitation.” When an abortion-minded client gives her life to Christ, she has a new life for herself and for her baby as well. Pre-Born! also places ultrasound machines in partner clinics and underwrites ultrasound sessions with pregnant mothers. Pre-Born! also has a call center where abortion-vulnerable women can call to get help from a Pre-Born! representative.

At the time of this article, Pre-Born! currently partners with 114 pregnancy clinics. Of these clinics, 56 are part of their Child Sponsorship Program. The other clinics are part of their Operation Equip Program or Project Arrow.

Project Arrow is a campaign to direct online traffic away from abortion clinics towards pro-life pregnancy centers.

“Specific keyword and targeted marketing identifies abortion-minded women by reaching them through ads and connects them to a Pre-Born!-equipped, gospel-centric, life-saving clinic. A trained and skilled client outreach representative answers women’s calls and redirects them to the appropriate center,” Pre-Born! told Human Defense Initiative.

“A patient came into one of our Pre-Born! clinics for an ultrasound. Her boyfriend was wanting to keep the baby, but she wanted to have an abortion. She watched a video about abortion and took a pregnancy test, which came back positive. They did an ultrasound on the patient, revealing a baby around 9 weeks old. The patient was amazed when she could see the baby having hiccups and she stared wide-eyed at the screen. Seeing her baby changed everything and to choose life.”

In 2019, Pre-Born! placed 38 ultrasound machines in clinics and trained 458 clinic staff to share the Gospel. In 2020, Pre-Born! is on pace to place 41 ultrasound machines.

Pre-Born! does a lot of marketing throughout the year.

“We send out postcards, we are on the radio, we have monthly campaigns, and we are at conventions. If a center would like to know more, they can visit or call us at 800-941-015.” they told HDI.

If someone would like to volunteer with Pre-Born! they can email and to get more information.

During the Covid-19 crisis, Pre-Born! still asks for the same things it would normally ask for, especially prayer:

“We always could use prayers. We believe for things to move in the physical, we must first move in the spiritual. We currently have campaigns going on where if anyone would love to donate to help a pregnancy center, they can visit Apart from praying and giving, we appreciate people spreading the word about Pre-Born! One easy way is to share our Facebook (MissionPreborn) and Instagram (pre__born) posts.”

Sadie-Megin is an attorney. She earned her JD from Trinity Law School in May 2019 and was admitted to the State Bar of California in January 2020.

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