As depicted by the Save the 8th campaign on the day the Irish referendum vote on the nation’s Eighth Amendment was tallied, the legalization of abortion there is “a tragedy of historic proportions.

However, even in the midst of sweeping legislation with a massively pro-abortion undertone, the professionals with the skill set required to perform this barbarity are refusing to do so in very hopeful numbers.

According to a poll conducted by, the survey center for general practitioners, a whopping 69.3% of over 900 doctors asked will not perform abortions once the legalization of the practice is officially implemented. To add, only 11% affirm they will perform abortions, with the remaining 19.7% unsure of their final intentions.

In a separate poll with another 936 general practitioners, 75.9% did not agree with the initiative assigning their profession to lead the way in abortion performance. It seems as though many doctors want nothing to do with killing preborn children — and do not even anticipate they could perform abortion in a safe manner.

Put aside the obvious fact a procedure leaving one party slaughtered will never be commonsensical or “safe;” the aggressive and absolute legislation pushed upon doctors by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and company is quite a lot to prepare for. It poses as even more of a time barrier when the majority of these professionals do not even wish to “progress” into murder.

Dr. Ruth Cullen, a physician and member of the Pro-Life Campaign in Ireland, made the point of doctors lacking a desire to dispense abortion pills to patients — and how much more they would not wish to actually perform an abortion (or be forced to refer a woman to a colleague who does) with this in mind:

“It is unconscionable for Minister Harris and the Government to compel doctors who don’t wish to dispense abortion pills to refer women to colleagues who will carry out the procedure.”

Unfortunately, this concept is not as obvious to Irish pro-abortionists as it is to people who possess common sense and human compassion. Nonetheless, although the bold refusal of most licensed practitioners to perform abortion in Ireland will not overturn the recent referendum, it certainly poses as a righteous obstacle to the profound monstrosity that is legalized murder.

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