It is our great pleasure to announce that we officially have a podcast! Inalienable is hosted by Scott Neumann who is one of our amazing contributors. Inalienable is a pro-life podcast dedicated to exploring the nature of human value. Tune in to hear informal yet incisive discussion about a host of topics; political, philosophical, or otherwise.

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Episode 1: Pilot

Episode: 2 Yes, you must believe in God to be pro-life

Episode 3: Should post-abortive women face criminal punishment?

Episode 4 : No, you can’t be “pro-choice” and “personally against abortion”

Episode 5: Pro-Lifers Should Reject Capital Punishment

Episode 6: The Nature of Discourse

Episode 7: A Complete Takedown of Planned Parenthood

Episode 8: Question & Answer

Episode 9: Those Lost in Sri Lanka

Episode 10: Abortion Activists Are Intellectually Lazy

Episode 11: Abortion Activists Gone Wild

Episode 12: Emotion v. Reason

Episode 13: Abortion Activists are Religious Fanatics

Episode 14: Pro-Lifers Should Be Single Issue Voters

Episode 15: A PSA for Antifa

Episode 16: The Worst Pro-Abortion Argument

Episode 17: Capital Punishment is a Rejection of the Sanctity of Life

Episode 18: Vita Podcast Interview w/Scott Neumann

Episode 19: A Conversation with Josh Humphrey

Episode 20: A Conversation About Value & Sentience with Derek Smith

Episode 21: A Conversation with Post-Abortive Author JC Beichner

Episode 22: A Conversation with Pro-Life Feminist Koree Fellows

Episode 23: Episode 23: A Conversation with HDI Comms Director Nick Bell

Episode 24: The Famous Violinist Argument is an Absurd Lie

Episode 25: A conversation with Former Abortionist Dr. Haywood Robinson

Episode 26: Capital Punishment is a Cancer in the Pro-Life Movement

Episode 27: The Best Pro-Abortion Argument


Episode 28: Fahrenheit 2020

Episode 29: Abortion Advocates Reject Human Rights

The views and opinions expressed in this Podcast are those of the host and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.