Planned Parenthood Sues To Allow Non-Doctors To Perform Abortions

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By Kristin Matysek

Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Idaho so people other than doctors can perform abortions in an effort to increase abortion access. The lawsuit filed December 14, 2018 argues the Idaho law allowing only licensed physicians to perform abortions is unconstitutional.

Currently, there are 42 states in the United States which only allow licensed physicians to commit this heinous act, however, Planned Parenthood is trying to change that. They want to make sure women can get abortions wherever and whenever and they are fighting to ensure nurses and physician assistants are able to perform these abortions, not just medical doctors.

They have previously filed similar lawsuits in Maine and Montana. Planned Parenthood claims due to “shortages” of doctors in rural areas like Maine, Montana, and Idaho, other professionals should be able to perform abortions as well.

However, when states allow non-doctors to perform abortions, it increases the risks of the procedure and could have consequences like that of the clinic operated by Kermit Gosnell.  

Currently, 95% of counties in Idaho do not have abortion clinics. However, Planned Parenthood hopes this lawsuit will allow more clinics to open.

This lawsuit shows abortion-choice activists are concerned if women have to wait for a doctor to receive an abortion, they might change their mind and carry the pregnancy longer than planned or they will have to travel far to find a place which will do it in a pinch.

It seems Planned Parenthood will do whatever it can to increase the number of abortions. The organization is not truly making women’s health and well-being a priority; it is more concerned about the abortion-choice agenda of terminating as many babies as possible. It is clear if this law is overturned, pregnant women could face even more danger than during abortions performed by a doctor. As the law stands, when abortionists are not widely available the vulnerable, pregnant woman may have more time to change her mind. But that is just the kind of thing that scares Planned Parenthood.

The abortion lobby is concerned when given adequate time, a pregnant women might truly realize the horror of abortion and change her mind during the wait for an appointment with a licensed physician and seek life-affirming alternatives.

It is clear Planned Parenthood is not pro-women at all, the organization is simply pro-abortion and will do whatever it can to ensure abortion persists without any limitations.

Planned Parenthood Sues To Allow Non-Doctors To Perform Abortions
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