The pro-life of Argentina have sent the world a poignant reminder of how their country has led our movement.

While Argentina has outlawed abortion except in cases of rape or danger to the mother’s health, the pro-abortion sect of Argentina has been violently pushing for open access to abortion, culminating in an August defeat of a legalization bill by the Argentina senate. In response, two-million members of the Argentina pro-life in over 200 locations marched to show their support for the “Defense of the Two Lives.”

The invigorated march highlights the strength of Argentina’s pro-life movement. They have marched now for twenty years against the prospect of abortion legalization.

Though now only 37 percent of Argentinians disagree with abortion legalization compared to 59 percent of Argentinians supporting abortion, the pro-life have continued to force themselves to be recognized by their government officials.

They have never stopped fighting a battle that they had seemed to win already; preparing themselves to again pick up their banners and take to the streets if their fellow Argentinians try to end the lives of the preborn. It is good that they were prepared for this battle, and their mobilization throughout this period of stringent abortion illegality should be commended.

However, it must also be noted that they have good reason to continue their fight against abortion. Despite the illegality of abortion, it still accounts for the termination of 40 percent of pregnancies in Argentina.

While the Argentina pro-life have continued protecting the laws they already have, they must also be commended for not losing the focus of their goals. They are continuing to fight for complete eradication of abortion in Argentina. This is an exemplary showing of passion for the movement leading to country-wide grass-roots support that will not end until they can protect the life of every preborn Argentinian child.

The youth of Argentina also assist this fight. They have, like America, witnessed the slaughter of a generation, however stymied by the laws put in place by Argentina’s government. They are willing to continue this fight into the future for as long as they need. Again, this is despite the laws already put in place; it is inspiring to see how a young generation has yielded the insight to realize the prevalence of “back-alley” abortions and fight against a form of infanticide that is far less visual than American abortion.

America must continue its fight as Argentina has.

Our country’s current ideologies include a desire to follow foreign policies in issues such as economicseducation, and self-defense, yet we continue to decide to be a country that falls behind global competitors such as Argentina in our protection of our children’s lives.

We must follow the powerful example set by our allies and adopt the policies we need to ensure that our children are protected by our government. Once we are done with that battle, we must be reminded by our Argentinian allies that the war has not ended.

We must fight for abortion’s eradication, and as Argentina has shown us, this fight will continue for decades after the initial passing of our pro-life legislation. We must never grow wary. We must always be prepared to again pick up our banners and march to remind our fellow Americans of the lives we have lost.

Argentina, thank you for being our example. Thank you for saving our children. Thank you for continuing to fight.

I pray that soon we may be held in the same light as you.

Salve a los bebes!

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