Our Latest Fundraiser For An Expecting Mom In Need

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Human Defense Initiative is happy to announce we have just launched a baby registry for a mom in need who was pressured to abort but ultimately decided to choose life and is expecting a baby boy!  

Stephanie is a mom to two kids and is currently expecting her third child. Upon facing an unplanned pregnancy she was met with a lack of support from those around her, received pressure to get an abortion and overall felt like a lot of the people in her life didn’t want her to have the baby. In the midst of trying to find life-affirming resources and people who wouldn’t pressure her into abortion, she reached out to us via social media where she expressed her concerns about the pregnancy.

Although she has a decent job, she explained she was barely making ends meet providing for her current children and if she carried to term she would be over her occupancy limits in her apartments and have to move. She was also concerned with having enough to acquire big ticket baby items such a bassinet, car seat etc. She admitted she had considered abortion but said she loved her kids so much she didn’t think she could do it.

Being a mom is such a huge part of Stephanie’s life and identity. She had her firstborn son, Gabriel at age 16 and he’s now 11 years old and her daughter Emberly is almost 2 years old. She describes Gabriel as an “incredibly smart child” and Emberly as “so much fun.”

She also admits this pregnancy has been overwhelming and she just wishes she had more of a village behind her because sometimes she feels she receives more support from online friends than in real life.  Although she’s still scared at times, she is choosing life for this baby because although she thought she was done having kids, life had other plans and she already loves this baby.

She’s now three months pregnant and just found out she is expecting a baby boy!

Here at Human Defense Initiative we believe every child, planned or not is a gift and that women should never feel pressured to abort or that abortion is their only option. We also want to help abortion-vulnerable women and moms in need who are in less than ideal situations so they feel that they do have enough love and support to raise their baby.

That is why we are asking you to help us help Stephanie! She has been visiting a local pro-life pregnancy center who is trying to help her with her housing situation and we want to shower her and baby boy with love and help her get the baby stuff she needs!

We put together a registry full of baby stuff we picked out for her and we hope you consider donating to show Stephanie she does in fact have a village behind her and people who love and care about her and her children!

Everything purchased from this list will ship directly to her! Just make sure to choose “gift address” at the checkout!

UPDATE: Stephanie's fundraiser is now CLOSED. Thanks to all our wonderful donors everything she and baby boy needed was generously purchased and shipped to her! Stephanie and HDI couldn't be more thankful for your support! Please consider donating to our fundraiser to help keep Human Defense Initiative online, further our outreach, and help more moms like Stephanie! Click to DONATE HERE.

Our Latest Fundraiser For An Expecting Mom In Need
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