Oregonians To Vote On Stripping Taxpayer Funds From Abortion Mills

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Oregon voters will officially have the chance to vote on whether to bar state funding from abortion mills in the midterm election on November 6th.

The initiative known as Measure 106 is the fifth and final state measure to qualify for the general election ballot after pro-life advocates petitioned for it. According to Associated Press, the Secretary of State’s website showed Friday, July 27, the petition garnered 117,799 valid signatures, just 221 more than the minimum required for a state constitutional amendment to earn a place on the ballot.

If passed, the measure would prohibit Oregon from allocating public funds for abortions except when medically necessary for the mother. Exceptions include when a licensed physician determines a pregnancy would cause death or injury to the mother unless an abortion is performed, such as ectopic pregnancies, or when required by federal law.

Oregon is one of 17 states to provide state funding for abortions and is the only state which has not placed any restrictions on state-funded abortions.

In order to vote in the November 6th election, Oregonians must register to vote a minimum of 21 days before Election Day.

To learn how to register to vote in Oregon click HERE.

Skyler Lee

Skyler Lee

With a love for Jesus and passion for politics, I was called to the pro-life movement.

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Oregonians To Vote On Stripping Taxpayer Funds From Abortion Mills
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