The Order of Rights is a new American pro-life movie focused on the question essential to the abortion debate: What is the unborn? Are the unborn human persons with the same right to life as you and I, or are the unborn not human persons with the same right to life?

The plot develops around the story of a young woman, Emma Stein (Emma Elle Roberts), who becomes pregnant after she and the baby’s father, Ethan Carpenter (Ben Davies), spend the night together. Emma’s mother advises her to get an abortion and the child’s father objects. Ethan offers to help Emma, but Emma decides to go ahead with the abortion. In order to save his child’s life, Ethan files a lawsuit against Emma on behalf of his unborn child’s right to life. Emma’s mother contacts a friend in the Associated Press and the case rises to national attention. The court must decide whether Emma and Ethan’s unborn child is a person and if he is, whether he has the same unalienable rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence — the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“The title, ‘The Order of Rights,’ refers to the order in which the categories of rights are deliberately listed in the Declaration of Independence: ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,’ such ideals often recognized as America’s mission statement upon which our governing framework, the Constitution, is based,” said Jim Ball, the movie’s director.

The right to life is given before all other rights and all other rights must therefore be subject to this paramount right — the right to life. In our pursuit of happiness we can very easily trample the rights of others to simply live.

Steve Ball, the film’s executive producer, said,

“It is our hope to raise the voices of millions through this film who are speaking out and especially for those who cannot speak for themselves, the unborn. It is also our hope that this film touches those who have experienced abortions so that they know that they can receive forgiveness and begin to heal.”

The movie is scheduled for release from Stone Road Productions on October 2, 2020, to streaming platforms Amazon, Google, and VUDU.

Follow the movie online at its website and social media pages:
Instagram: theorderofrights
Twitter: @orderofrights

While you are on the film’s website, do not forget to sign their petition to completely Defund Planned Parenthood.

Watch the official trailer here:

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