Human Defense Initiative Launches Operation Christmas Child Project for Children in Need

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Human Defense Initiative is happy to announce we are launching a new fundraiser to benefit children in need through our new Operation Christmas Child project!

What is Operation Christmas Child?

Operation Christmas Child is the world’s largest Christmas project of its kind hosted through Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization. As stated on their website, the mission of Operation Christmas Child is to provide children in need around the world with shoeboxes filled with toys, hygiene items and school supplies as a way to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and “demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way.” The boxes are filled by donors, dropped at collection centers and are shipped “to children affected by war, poverty, natural disaster, famine, and disease; and to children living on Native American reservations."

Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has delivered gift-filled shoeboxes to over 168 million children in more than 100 countries. After receiving the shoeboxes, many children are invited to enroll in The Greatest Journey, a discipleship program which through local ministry partners are able to establish long-term, caring relationships with children and families by sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Over 8.9 million children have accepted Christ after participating in the program.

The children who receive the boxes often receive items they have never had the opportunity to have before and treasure them always.

Testimonials of children who have received the Operation Christmas Child boxes:

“We received notebooks and pencils in our shoebox gifts in Jamaica at age 8. Before this, our father cut a notebook and pencil in half so we’d have school supplies.” - Shanika & Sherika

“I can attest to the need to put toothbrushes in shoebox gifts—I shared one with nine other girls in a Guatemalan orphanage.” - Jaki

“I was an orphan in the former Soviet Union when I received my shoebox. We had to share everything at the orphanage, including towels. When I got a washcloth in my box I actually thought it was my own personal towel! It was very special because I was the only one who could use it. It was my own personal thing—something that I didn’t have before—so it was one of my favorite gifts.” - Ted

Read more testimonials from past OCC shoebox recipients HERE or watch their stories HERE.

How is Human Defense Initiative going to be involved and why?

At Human Defense Initiative we not only believe in supporting the preborn but also in helping those in need who are already born and we believe Operation Christmas Child is the perfect way to do just that! To get our followers involved with this project we are hosting a registry full of items needed to fill the boxes. You can donate the item by purchasing it from our registry and choosing “gift address” at the check out! The items will then ship directly to the Executive Director of Human Defense Initiative who will be packing the boxes and ensuring they get turned into her local drop off center by the deadline. In addition, we will be filming the final shoe box products so you can all see what the children will receive. We thought this was a wonderful way to do yet another project as a team and help give back to those in need, fulfilling the pro-life message that all life matters!

Our goal is to create 30 boxes full of toys, hygiene products and school supplies for fifteen boys and fifteen girls of the 5-9 year old age group age. The HDI team will personally be supplying the boxes and combs for each child! Help us meet our goal by donating at the link below!

Update: This registry is now complete thanks to our wonderful donors! We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to or shared our OCC registry! Please check our donation page HERE for future fundraisers!

Human Defense Initiative Launches Operation Christmas Child Project for Children in Need
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