Sir Galahad is a legendary knight from the Arthurian tales, known for his pure heart, bravery, and strong commitment to righteousness and the greater good. However, his unwavering dedication to his beliefs sometimes made him inflexible and uncompromising, even when it might have been beneficial to do so. While he exemplified the ideal knightly virtues in his quest for the Holy Grail, his rigidity serves as a warning against being too uncompromising or unwilling to make concessions in life, especially for those who advocate pro-life beliefs.

I understand the passion and intense feelings of the pro-life community, as I am a staunch advocate myself. We feel enraged by the injustice of abortion and heartbroken for the women affected by it. However, our strong belief in protecting human life can sometimes lead us to become uncompromising in our mission to end abortion.

Voltaire once said, “Perfect is the enemy of good.” This quote holds in our fight against abortion, which requires flexibility from us if we hope to see a shift in people’s hearts and minds on this issue. During my time in the pro-life movement, I have witnessed leaders and groups working together seamlessly. However, I have also seen disagreements escalate into deep rifts due to a lack of compromise.

Post-Roe, we are uniquely positioned to make a more significant dent in the demand for abortion by meeting the needs of women directly, but we can only succeed if we find ways to work together. 

Over the past few years, I have learned that I am through and through a big-picture gal. Not that I don’t have to think of the small picture details to achieve the big picture, but I find myself thinking about the ultimate end goal and the path of least resistance to achieving that goal. 

I would love to see a world in which women never have to feel like they have to choose between paying their bills or their unborn baby’s life. I also understand that I can’t fulfill that goal alone, and I need other people to help me just like they need me to help them. 

Let Them Live was an unexpected calling that God dropped in my and my husband’s laps about five years ago when we connected with a pregnant woman with an abortion scheduled. After being evicted, living in her car in freezing weather, and losing her job and her kids, she was terrified, and our very abortion-centric culture prompted her to schedule one because she didn’t think she had any other way. We helped her, got her back into her apartment, and she canceled her abortion and sent us her ultrasound. 

With help and collaboration from many organizations, leaders, and donors, Let Them Live has helped over 900 women cancel their abortions and choose life!

Remarkably, finding common ground and working together to help women choose life isn’t limited to the pro-life movement. If you had told me five years ago that LTL would have vocally pro-choice donors, Planned Parenthood referring women to us, and partnerships with left-wing and atheist pro-life groups, I would have never believed it. I used to think it was impossible. It turns out it was only impossible for me because my mindset was limiting what could be; I was a Sir Galahad who believed that for someone to agree with me on the issue of abortion, they had to agree with me on everything else. 

For some reason, I couldn’t set differences aside for what is arguably the most dire cause of our time. And where did that lead me? Nowhere. 

I had to learn quickly that the pro-life movement is a beautiful mosaic of people with different histories, religious beliefs (or not), and different views on a wide array of hot-topic political issues. Still, the strongest bond we all have that surpasses all other differences is that we value human life from conception. 

At least five babies have been saved from abortion in the last year or so because of a partnership with PAAU (Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising).  Equipped with our resources, they stand outside of the DC Planned Parenthood and help scared pregnant women see that they have support.

I am not progressive, and I guarantee that we disagree about more things than we can agree. Yet, we work together in perfect harmony, reaching women, providing support, and saving lives. Our partnership serves as a powerful testimony to the strength our pro-life beliefs have in creating unity in our movement. 

I encourage every pro-lifer to link arms with just one other person whom you may disagree with 99% of the time and start talking about how you can work together to end abortion; it’s the least we can do, and you’d be surprised what a difference it makes. After all, we owe it to moms, their babies, and future generations to do what needs to be done.

Photo by Rajesh Rajput on Unsplash

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Emily Berning is the President and Co-founder of the non-profit Let Them Live.  Since 2019, she has led this organization to save over 1,000 lives from abortion through counseling and giving financial assistance to women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies

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