Founder’s Women’s Health Clinic was the oldest abortion clinic in the state of Ohio, and it is now closing its doors.

Created Equal released the news yesterday. It is unclear whether Founder’s will merely be relocating from its address on Broad Street in Columbus or if it will remain closed. Either way, this is not only a win for the pro-life movement, but also a win for women’s healthcare in Columbus.

While Founder’s tries very hard to make themselves seem like a compassionate, non-biased, all-options pregnancy center, in reality they promote their abortion services above all others.

Founder’s has had trouble meeting licensure requirements and documenting infractions related to administrative, health, and safety violations. An abortionist at Founder’s has been taken to court over a botched abortion done on an ectopic pregnancy. In addition to all this, Founder’s is behind on their taxes to the City of Columbus, State of Ohio, and the IRS, and still owes for fines to the Ohio Department of Health.

It is unknown why exactly the abortion provider is closing its doors. It could be related to any of the multiple financial and licensing struggles listed above, or something which has not yet been revealed.

However, we do know Ohio legislation in recent years has made it harder for abortion clinics to remain open because of the quality of care they are expected to provide. Ohio has taken steps to show women deserve better than abortion clinics abiding by substandard health and safety regulations.

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