In a BBC interview with Yalda Hakim, Obianuju Ekeocha engaged in a short exchange concerning the issue of abortion in Africa.    

Ekeocha countered the belief that foreign entities must provide contraception and abortive drugs explaining this is not the correct method of dealing with the problems plaguing Africa. She rightly states instead they need food and education in order thrive and flourish; Africans are not asking for condoms.    

In the interview, she spoke of the ideological dominance of the west and imperialistic zeal that motivates them to push for such measures. The interview serves as a preview to her recently published book Target Africa. Perhaps, for conservatives and religious people, the values of the west have declined. For others, it has been a “sexual revolution.”

Target Africa is a great read and illustrates how harmful ideas can spread with the help of ample funding and an almost religious dedication to the spreading of abortion.    

Additionally, Target Africa is a brilliant book in a world where information is plentiful but seldom valued. Numbers, facts, and data are hard to dispute in the face of wild emotion and passion. Throughout her book, Ekeocha details the wasteful spending of foreign governments and organizations. Organizations like Planned Parenthood, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the United Nations passionately funnel money to African countries in the name of “family planning”, which is really just population control.    

Millions of dollars are spent on sex education, with many of them perpetuating a culture of sexual promiscuity and experimentation, which in many cases is contrary to African values. In her book, she illustrates that Africans do not support such ideas or even need them.

With many western societies promoting abortion as the zenith of cultural success, Ekeocha correctly identifies the moral decline that accompanies this folly. In the case of abortion, some countries reject the practice with percentages approaching 90%.  

Target Africa is a valuable source of information as the ongoing culture war has literally become an issue of life and death.    

Watch Obianuju Ekeocha’s full BBC interview below:

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