In a 2018 NBC op-ed, writer Robin Marty claimed the actions and circumstances of Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic were caused by pro-lifers.

Though Marty herself even says, “There is no defense for Gosnell’s illegal actions. There is no question that he performed even general, legal abortions without the care or training a person should expect from a medical provider when terminating a pregnancy. His clinic was unsanitary and dangerous for patients generally.”

“There is no defense” but it is pro-lifers’ fault that this happened? Pick one and stick with it, Marty.

The horrific actions of Gosnell are no one’s fault but his own. The disgusting condition of his clinic was no one’s fault but his own. No one forced Gosnell to maintain an unsanitary facility. No one forced him to stab babies who were born alive during an abortion and cut their spinal cords with scissors. No one forced him to then put these dead babies in jars, bags, freezers, and cabinets.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health also holds some responsibility for the murder of these babies, the spread of disease from Gosnell’s clinic, and the death of the women who died during botched abortions by not conducting an inspection for nine years, allowing the clinic to stay open after failing that health inspection, then not inspecting it again for another 16 years.

It is ridiculous and nonsensical to claim these things happened because of the people who are against these very things happening. I would not even venture to say these things happened because of the pro-abortion crowd, though their belief abortion is okay certainly did nothing to help the situation. To do so would be downplaying the responsibility of Gosnell himself.

Ever heard of personal responsibility, Marty?

Gosnell and the Pennsylvania Department of Health are at fault – not the pro-life movement, not the women seeking abortion, and not pro-life legislation.

Marty then writes, “Abortion rights activists explained repeatedly throughout the Gosnell trial in 2013 that Kermit Gosnell was exactly what women resort to when abortion becomes too hard to obtain.”

No, Marty. Gosnell is exactly what happens when women are brainwashed into thinking abortion is their only option and are not offered support and compassion by those around them. Women should never be so desperate they feel they must resort to ending their baby’s life, especially at such an unsanitary and careless facility. Abortion is not a solution and should never be thought of as one. The solution is more programs for mothers in need, more funding for crisis pregnancy centers, reforming the foster care and adoption systems, better education on preborn life, compassion, and countless other things.

The culture, not just the laws, must change to avoid tragedies like those caused by Gosnell. Men and women must be taught to respect life from the moment it begins. They must be offered other options which are not harmful to her or her baby.

The pro-life movement is doing its part. Time to do yours, Marty.

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