That is exactly what nine-year-old Jack from New York is doing with his new pro-life campaign.

Jack became very concerned when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the most radical abortion bill on January 22, 2019 in the United States referred to as the Reproductive Health Act. This bill states abortion is a “fundamental right” in state law and allows even non-doctors to perform abortion up until birth.

When Jack learned that this bill had passed he decided to spring into action to save countless lives of innocent boys and girls. With the help of his dad, Thomas, they launched a website called Convert Cuomo on April 10 where he is asking people to pledge to pray and fast for Governor Cuomo.

His hopes are for Governor Cuomo to become pro-life. In an original letter that Jack wrote to the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal pitching his ideas, Jack ends it by saying that he is positive that these ideas will “…stop abortion in our state and maybe even in all of North America.”

Jack and his family practice what they preach as well by praying each night at dinner and Psalm 68. Jack also prays two and sometimes three Our Fathers for Governor Cuomo every day.

Click HERE to see what Jack is doing for the most vulnerable among us.

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