NFL's Benjamin Watson Donates Ultrasound Machine To Pro-Life Clinic

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By Andrew Haack

Super Bowl champion and New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson is not just pro-life in word but also in action. Last month, the NFL star donated a brand new ultrasound machine to a local pregnancy clinic in New Orleans.

On October 23rd, Watson took to Instagram to share the good news.

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Earlier this year we felt led to serve expecting mothers, fathers and their unborn children by placing ultrasound machines at at health services providers around the country. So many men and women struggle with making decisions for life but we know from experience the power and encouragement seeing inside the womb offers. They may not look like much but these boxes contain an ultrasound machine which will allow expecting mothers and fathers in New Orleans to see the precious life God has given them reminding them of its dignity, beauty and value. We are so grateful for another opportunity to support and partner with those who are meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the patients that walk through their doors daily. May they be blessed for their unwavering love and service toward others. Psalm 139

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Considering the average cost of a new ultrasound machine is around $115,000, that is a very generous gift. It is also one which has the potential to save many preborn lives.

While the effectiveness of ultrasounds in preventing abortion has come into question in recent years, the fact of the matter is ultrasounds make a significant difference for women who are even slightly on the fence.

A recent University of California study published in Obstetrics & Gynecology measured the effects of ultrasound images on women who had already scheduled an abortion. While the effects were minimal on women who said they were highly certain of their decision, the women who identified as having “medium or low” certainty were over 3 times more likely to change their mind and continue the pregnancy after seeing their child via ultrasound.

This is not the first time Watson has demonstrated his commitment to saving the preborn. Earlier this year, the NFL star donated another ultrasound machine to a pregnancy clinic in Maryland. Additionally, last year, Watson spoke at the March for Life in Washington DC, encouraging men to “rise up and lead the charge.”

A man among men, we are excited to see what Benjamin Watson does next.

NFL's Benjamin Watson Donates Ultrasound Machine To Pro-Life Clinic
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