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Human Defense Initiative to announce the first registry for the New Year on behalf of a grandma and grandson in need.

Grandma JC is having her 5 year old grandson come live with her due to neglect on the part of the parents. However, she has nothing to take care of the young boy and that’s where we need help!

The child has never been enrolled in school or homeschooled for Kindergarten and therefore is behind on his speech and Kindergarten curriculum. This grandma has stepped up to take care of her grandson full-time and homeschool him to get him not only emotionally and mentally stable while supporting him with nurturing love but also caught up on schooling before he turns six years old.

He is a very loving boy that just needs structure, love and support to feel safe and stable and be proud that he can learn how to excel like other children!

We love that she will be taking the time to change her grandson’s track in life so that he is happy, healthy and safe and we would love to help bless her with the items she needs to help care for, entertain and teach her grandson as they take this next journey together!

The most important items on the registry are the car seat, bed, bedding and clothes but we’ve also included toys, snacks, and educational materials. She also really needs a small table for him to have learning time at and a few organizers because her home is rather small.

To help support grandma JC and her grandson on this new journey in their lives click the link to her registry below. Group gifting is enabled on the larger items so any amount can be contributed toward those items and any money contributed to the diaper fund will go toward purchasing any items left on the registry. As always simply click the gift address at the check out and the items will ship directly to her!


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