Imagine living on a fixed income, going through surgery for cancer, being allergic to most pain medication, having autism, lymphedema, and an eating disorder to complicate everything, not being allowed or able to drive, and your case management and other services just… not there. 

Lizzie is a woman we helped almost a year ago who had a hysterectomy to treat endometrial cancer. The recovery has been rough, because she only recently got case management services back, but not to the level needed or even that she had before. In the meantime, she has endured several complications, including a bout of medication-induced gastroparesis that she is slowly recovering from with the help of guidance from a nutritionist. She recently broke one of her feet and is in a walking boot for that. She also lost her food stamps for over a month (due to no fault of her own). 

However, Lizzie has a great friend who has been helping her — our very own contributor and Content Director, Petra. Because of her friend, she has been able to get to essential doctor’s appointments, pick up her disability checks, run errands like grocery shopping. 

As Lizzie gets her food stamps back, we’d like to send her a little help. We’ve created a registry that includes:

  • some recovering-from-gastroparesis-approved food
  • some household essentials that can be expensive when trying to buy both food and cleaning products in the same week on a fixed income
  • some new clothing, because she lost quite a bit of weight for her surgery and has continued losing weight after and – surprise! – a lot of her clothes are getting comically large to wear in public
  • A backpack so that she is better equipped to do errands herself, like shopping
  • Some gift cards for purchasing perishable items or other clothing items

At HDI, we realize that, despite a person’s best efforts, sometimes they just can’t solve everything on their own. We believe that a community effort really makes a difference in people’s lives and we’d like to extend that community offering of help to Lizzie. 

CLICK HERE to access Lizzie’s registry. Group gifting is enabled on all items over $20.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

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