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We’ve had quite a few mamas reach out who don’t need full registries but rather a little hand up, so we have decided to launch mini registries on their behalf while we work on a process to fulfill needs like this in the future. Please consider showing these mamas some support!

Note: Julia’s registry has been fulfilled and has been removed.


Lucy is a hardworking single mom of 3 little boys and is in desperate need of groceries. She was able to get some shelf-stable items from her local food pantry but she really needs fresh fruit and meat so gift cards are included so she can purchase those items. Please consider feeding these tiny bellies!



Kymberly’s husband had to take a day off work to help her when she didn’t feel well. When he returned, they punished him by cutting his hours. Now they don’t have a way to pay rent for July. Their families won’t help them because they chose life for their second son after finding out they were pregnant shortly after their first son was born, noting they didn’t deserve help because they didn’t choose abortion. Without any other options, Kymberly created a Givesendgo to try to fundraise rent. (Note: this will be the last financial fundraiser we are sharing for quite some time other than Donnie’s). Kymberly is also in need of a double stroller which is almost funded but just needs a little more contributed.


Thank you so much for everything you do for our pregnancy help clients! We could not be more thankful for your support and generosity. With all of the negativity online, your outpouring of love truly shows that there is so much good still in the world! 

If you have any questions about how to donate to these registries, feel free to message us on Instagram or Twitter @humandefenseini or email us at

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