We often hear how this is the generation that will make abortion unavailable and obsolete, unsurprisingly a brand new teen-led pro-life organization is helping prove just that.

Officially launched in March of 2018, reLOVE is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and nondenominational pro-life organization founded by 16 year-old Executive Director Purity Thomas. reLOVE’s mission is to unconditionally love all humans and to help provide for women facing unplanned pregnancies, ensuring they feel loved.  

reLOVE’s services include meeting the needs of each and every mother from all walks of life by providing financial and emotional support; material assistance such as care packages, baby, and maternity items; and helping mothers connect with local resources such as employment, housing, and/or medical access.

“We do research based on where the woman lives. We figure out her needs and wants and start the research process. We help with apartment and employment searching based on her area. We basically help with whatever the mother needs. Whether it is helping to pay the rent, keeping the lights on, clothes, baby items, bus passes, or medical bills,” Thomas explained.

Since launching, reLOVE has had the opportunity to help five amazing mothers, three of whom are full-time mothers the organization is helping until they are stable on their own. Despite reLOVE proving they are capable of helping multiple mothers, securing donations to continue their services remains a struggle.

“We’re struggling to get donations because I’m 16 and Juliana and Taniya are 15 — we’re teenagers,” Thomas admitted. “People have told us we’re too young to run an organization, and I think it’s the concept that because we are teens we can’t lead it, help, and handle money. So Juliana and Taniya have gotten side jobs to pay for things.”

“If it’s urgent, we’ll take our own money to provide for them. If it can wait a little, we’ll usually try to start a GoFundMe for them,” Outreach Director Juliana Kriner added.

reLOVE is a national organization with team members located in Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Washington, and has helped mothers all across the United States and Canada. reLOVE is also open to helping mothers in need outside of the boundaries of North America.

“We helped one mother in Nigeria, but we had to refer her to a pro-life organization in Africa,” Social Media Director Taniya Smith stated.

To receive assistance, mothers can connect with reLOVE through social media.

“We welcome any mother who is in need. We normally get referrals from pro-life friends, or mothers find us on our social media accounts. Juliana and I are a part of groups and we’ll reach out to mothers in need too,” Thomas said.

Unlike other organizations, reLOVE is dedicated to helping mothers for as long as they need it. While they are focused on pregnant women and new mothers, they will help any woman in need. Although the end goal is to help get the mothers on their feet, their support and encouragement never ends; they keep in touch with all of the mothers even after they no longer need assistance in an effort to create long-lasting relationships.

When asked what they would want to express if they could let anyone know anything about their organization, a wide range of responses were offered:

“We’re so dedicated, and even though we get bogged down and feel like we can’t give everything these moms need and want, it’s something we won’t stop. We love our moms unconditionally, there are no boundaries. We see them as humans and friends, not just another client. We see them as amazing, strong women who are doing what society says is impossible. We love them no matter their beliefs. We’re here to love, encourage, support, and help them.” – Executive Director, Purity Thomas

“I think society overlooks teenagers and discredits our views and contributions so much, but teenagers can bring a fresh outlook to charity and love.” – Social Media Director, Taniya Smith

“For me, this whole organization is a huge ‘you said we couldn’t, so we did.’ Everyone tells us that we can’t do this and we can’t do that, so we decided that we weren’t going to listen and we were going to try it anyway. We put time, effort, and passion into it, and we’re so proud of how far it’s come.” – Outreach Director, Juliana Kriner

Overall, reLOVE sets the perfect example for all pro-life teenagers and proves anyone, no matter how young, can make make a difference.

Read about their current project, find out more about reLOVE and how to get involved, and connect with their social media accounts on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.

With a love for Jesus and passion for politics, I was called to the pro-life movement.

The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Human Defense Initiative.