A new law took effect in Arizona on January 1, 2019 which will require women to answer additional questions when seeking an abortion.

At first glance, this new law is seen as intrusive and a violation of privacy as well as intimidating and shameful to the women in these situations.

After a further look though, it turns out many of these questions are geared towards helping women. If there is one thing both sides can agree on, it is the seriousness of getting an abortion. Abortion is a serious decision – so there is no harm in requiring more information before proceeding and making sure the women are absolutely certain of their decision.

Abortion services are something many women rely on, so it should be heavily regulated to ensure their safety. There is no reason for women to feel uncomfortable with this new legislation because according to ABC15, they always have the option to choose to “decline to answer” many of the questions.

Yes, this new law could deter women from proceeding with an abortion, but it also can help crack down on sexual assault incidents for women who are raped, sex trafficked, or impregnated against their will. This law may seem like a violation of a woman’s rights or a way to shame or intimate women seeking abortion services, but it is a major step to ending sex crimes.

When women have to disclose background information about their reasoning for wanting an abortion and whether or not they were raped or assaulted, they may be more likely to seek help than they would be otherwise. This law is not anti-women, it is pro-women and serious about putting an end to sexual assault. These remedial questions can give the medical and legal community the answers they need to help fight sex crimes and give women more help as well as resources.

This new law will also provide new data about the abortion epidemic which can be used in research to find alternative or preventative methods to abortion, or even pregnancy.

Depending on why, where, and when these women are getting an abortion, more laws and resources can be put in place to help decrease and stop abortions, starting from the root of the problem. Using this new data, the pro-life community can work to decrease the demand for abortions which will take society a step in the right direction for abolishing abortion and making serious long-term changes.

If other states implement the same or a similar policy and use the data in a beneficial way, abortion in the United States could be significantly reduced and could make all of the difference for the pro-life movement.

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