REGISTRY: Mom of Two Needs Help after leaving Domestic Violence Situation

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Human Defense Initiative is excited to announce our latest fundraiser for a family in need!

Mama G is a single mother of two small children who recently had to leave her relationship due to a domestic violence situation. Despite applying everyday, she is struggling to find a job and her apartment complex wants her out. She currently does not have any income so she reached out to us for help.

She’s specifically worried about diapers as well as winter clothes and a new crib and car seat since her kids are growing faster than she can keep up. Additionally, HDI has added some other household and hygiene items to the list to help her save on money while she gets back on her feet.

Sometimes mothers need a helping hand. Here at Human Defense Initiative, we want all mothers to feel confident that they have what they need to love and provide for their children.

Let’s show Mama G and her family some love and support during this hard time in their lives!

As always remember to click “gift address” at the checkout to ensure the gifts ship directly to Mama G. Group gifting is enabled on the more expensive items so our donors can donate toward those supplies.

Thank you in advance for your support!


P.S. Please PM us if you have any job leads in or around Springfield, Missouri. She’s looking for an office job (preferably) which would work with daycare hours (8AM-5PM). Likewise, please PM us with any information regarding cheap rental houses which would work with her. Despite still searching for a job, she does have an active fundraiser to help with acquiring a new place to live so we are looking for a rental owner which would be understanding of the situation. Furthermore, she’s already reached out to several organizations in her area and the ones that assist with housing require current pay stubs.

REGISTRY: Mom of Two Needs Help after leaving Domestic Violence Situation
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